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‘Savages’ Interviews: Kitsch, Travolta, Stone, Hayek, more

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 06/16/2012

SavagesIn the latest Savages press junket, Taylor Kitsch, Blake Lively, Aaron Johnson, John Travolta, Benicio Del Toro, Salma Hayek, Demian Bichir and director Oliver Stone were interviewed about personal views that related to the themes of their new movie, ‘Savages.’

In the interview Emmy winner Jake Hamilton asks Benicio Del Toro to compare his roles in ‘Traffic’ vs. ‘Savages.’ While the two characters are on different sides of the drug wars, both characters end up at a little league baseball game. Del Toro replied, “it’s kind of eery. They’re from one perspective to another. . . The baseball games in both films are completely different. ‘Traffic’ is kind of dark, and ‘Savages’ is a different kind… scary.” He goes on to explain “Savages” as more of a scary movie, while “Traffic” is more of a sad movie.

The actors also discuss the concept of “savages.” The concept of everybody having a “savage” side is discussed. When people only care about themselves, and not others, then we are a savage. There was also a humorous discussion about the dominant nature of Salma Hayek. Del Toro states, “she can pack a slap!”

In an interesting part of the interview, Salma Hayek and Blake Lively were asked how things would be different if Oliver Stone had directed particular movies or shows. First Hayek was asked how ‘Puss In Boots’ would have been different. She stated, “it would have been a lot more violent. Maybe somebody would have made a carpet out of cat fur.” Blake Lively was asked what would happen if Oliver Stone directed an episode of ‘Gossip Girls.’ She stated, “we would all shoot each other. . . we would all be dead. . . we would come back as ghosts.”

Oliver Stone’s 1968 Vietnamese pot arrest was brought up at the end of the interview. Jake went on to ask Stone about his views on the “war on drugs.” Stone replied, “It’s gotten bigger. Much more money…   they’ve criminalized an entire class of people that properly shouldn’t be in prison because they are victimless crimes. . . let’s at least de-criminalize the penalties.” He went on to say that there are more young Black people in jail now than there were in slavery per capita, and goes on to say that prison is like a form of slavery. Oliver Stone states that he is still a “fan” of marijuana, and that it is much less damaging than alcohol.

‘Savages’ premieres July 6, 2012.


Full Interviews With Cast of “Savages”:


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