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Scandal, 2×14 POTUS Scoop From Shonda Rhimes!

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 02/12/2013

Scandal, 2x14 POTUS Scoop From Shonda Rhimes!Scandal, POTUS Scoop From Shonda Rhimes




Here’s some new Scandal Scoop from TVlins’s Ask Ausiello, February 12, 2013 Post.



Question: Scandal scoop, pretty please! Anything on POTUS if you have it. —Mandy

If you thought that Cyrus got a free pass from “enlightened” Fitz — and that is why we didn’t get to see the president confront his chief of staff about the rigged election — Shonda Rhimes is here to set the record straight. “That is not true,” she told us. “When we come back [this Thursday] and it’s 10 months later, you begin to see the aftereffects of what happened with Fitz and his relationship with Cyrus. You will see how that consequence is played out.”


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