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Scandal’ Cast Teases Epic 2×22 Season Finale

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 05/16/2013

ScandalScandal’ Cast Teases Epic 2×22 Season Finale



Pretty much every superlative ever uttered has been used to describe tonight’s season finale of Scandal — and for good reason. This is a big one, folks. For more, we turn to the cast and creator Shonda Rhimes.




+ A Huckleberry Quinn ‘game changer’
Quinn has been by Huck’s side all season — learning the ropes of killing and cleaning it up. But in the finale, could the student start to worry the teacher? “I think Huck is getting a little worried that Quinn is getting very good at what he’s teaching her,” Guillermo Diaz says of the finale. “And it’s going to get really exciting in the finale.” Meanwhile, Katie Lowes adds: “You’re going to see sides of their relationship you haven’t seen before. It’s going to reach new levels. We’re very proud of it.” Bellamy Young even goes so far as to call the episode a “game changer” for the pairing.

What’s next for Mellie’s attack?
“The dominos will begin to fall from the interview and from his enduring and annoying love for Olivia,” teases Young of Mellie’s plan to expose the First Sham Marriage. “[She's] done with that.”

Is David REALLY a bad guy?
Josh Malina promised there’s more to this story when I talked with him earlier this week, and reiterates that the finale will allow the audience to see “more of what David’s game really is.” “Here’s a very good question: What is bad about stealing back what has been stolen from you in order to expose the rigging of a national election. Is that really ‘bad?’” he defends. “Only because the real villains of the show are younger and cuter than I am, I’m bad. I’m not bad. I’m just old and not as cute. But I’m doing the right thing.” As for whether or not Abby finds out about David’s possible involvement, Darby Stanchfield says, “All I can say is wait until Abby finds out. It’s probably not going to be pretty.”


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