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Scandal, Huckle Berry Quinn Scoop From Katie Lowes

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 02/19/2013

tumblr_mib84eDbpT1rw6xlno2_1280Scandal, Huckle Berry Quinn Look Ahead Scoop



Here’s some Scandal Scoop from Sandra Gonzalez’s Inside TV: The Spoiler Room Chat; Taken from the February 19, 2013 Post.




Huck made Quinn choose between revenge and being a Gladiator a few weeks ago on Scandal, and it looks like she’s standing by her choice. In fact, in last week’s episode, we saw the beginnings of what could turn out to be Quinn’s niche when Huck started teacher her some of his special (read: totally creepy) clean-up and kill skills. So what’s next for #HuckleberryQuinn?

“I think it’s a real turning point for Quinn because she’s actually really good at it. I think we can expect to see more things like that,” previews Lowes. “Quinn [has] really searching to be good at something and where to fit in at Olivia Pope [and Associates]….So I think because she’s a natural at the Huck stuff, I think that’s what we can expect to see her getting good at.”

And while this “really dark” version of Quinn will start to emerge, Lowes said she’s been thrilled about the idea for weeks. “Before we went on break for the holidays, Shonda [Rhimes] just looked at me and said, ‘Quinn’s going to be getting a lot darker.’ I was like, ‘What does that mean? What does that mean? Tell me something!”

Moreover, Lowes says that the team at Olivia Pope and Associates will have their hands full in the coming episodes, but because they’ve only filmed a few episodes ahead of what viewers are seeing, she has almost as many questions as viewers, especially about Scott Foley’s character, whom she awesomely described as a bit of a “Creeper McCreeperson”. “I do not know. Like, really. You could ask me and I could not tell you what’s going to happen.”

Stay tuned.


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