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More Scoop From EP Andrew Marlowe, on The “Castle” Two-Parter Beginning Tonight!

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 02/18/2013

Scoop on The Two Part Castle Episode Beginning Tonight, From Andrew MarloweMore Scoop on The Two Part Castle Episode Beginning Tonight, From Andrew Marlowe


We have been covering the beginning of this two part episode for over a month, and yet, for you diehards, here’s some more details on the two episodes from Andrew Marlowe.



You always say that you try to do your two-part episodes different each time. So tell me how the idea for this one came about.

ANDREW MARLOWE: Well, last year we got close to destroying the world. The year before that it was a dirty bomb that was going to take out New York, and the year before that it was a serial killer who blew up Beckett’s apartment. We had been getting increasingly bigger and I wanted to pull it back to something that had scope and scale but also had a deep personal investment. And I’ll tell you this, the journey that Castle goes through in this is harrowing and phenomenal. Nathan did an unbelievable job. And we see the character in ways we have never seen the character before.

How do Martha and the rest of the team at the precinct cope with the situation?

The choice that Martha makes and who she thinks she has to be in this situation I think reveals a depth of character about her. I think we’ve seen moments of it before. But for the folks at the precinct, everybody is invested. This is kind of one of their own.



Castle returns with 5×15 Target on Monday Feb. 18th, 2013 at 10/9c on ABC.


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