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‘Searching For Sonny’ Trailer, Starring Minka Kelly

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 08/16/2012

Searching-For-Sonny Trailer Here’s the trailer from Searching For Sonny. From writer/director Andrew Disney, it stars Jason Dohring (Veronica Mars, Ringer), Minka Kelly and Masi Oka.


It isn’t the big career jump, forward leaning movie, Minka Kelly Hoped for. And to be frank, she’s become better known for dating Derek Jeter than being an actress. The film received average review at The Austin Film Festival, where it premiered. The film couldn’t find a theatrical distributor and so it will be headed straight to VOD and BluRay August 28th.


Searching For Sonny is about a group of friends brought together by a high school reunion who then  find themselves suspected of a murder that suspiciously mirrors a play they performed in high school that was written by the supposed victim. It’s an interesting concept. Check out the trailer.


Searching For Sonny Trailer


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