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Sherlock, Favorite Return Show The Fall Scoop & Teaser

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 08/06/2013

Sherlock 4x01 RevealedSherlock, Favorite Return Show The Fall Scoop & Teaser



Here’s some new Sherlock scoop from the E online! Watch With Kristen Spoiler chat, August 6th , 2013 Post.



Gina S.: Curious about what your favorite new show of the fall is?
Sherlock! True, that is neither a fall show nor a new show, but those are minor details. Seriously, we are so excited about Sherlock coming back, especially when BBC America released this promo BELOW. It doesn’t have much, but it does have Sherlock about to approach his best friend John Watson for a much-anticipated reunion. Also, why does John have facial hair now? Answer: because Sherlock moustache John a few questions. Good night, America!


Sherlock Season 4 Teaser


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