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Should We Mourn Helena On Orphan Black?

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 06/20/2013

Helena, Orphan Black, Tatiana MaslanyShould We Mourn Helena On Orphan Black?


Although on science fiction television programs death may not be permanent, Tatiana Maslany will mourn Helena’s passing on Orphan Black. Thanks to TVLine’s Matt Webb Mitovich’s Inside Line from June 20, 2013, we are able to learn even more about Orphan Black‘s leading lady.


Is Orphan Black‘s Helena really dead? –Jack 

OK, first of all: Spoiler! (I’m only on Episode 7.) Secondly, though series lead Tatiana Maslany at first hedged when we brought that burning Q to her, ultimately she opined, “Yeah, I think she is [dead].” And while the actress noted that “in Orphan Black style, it could all change,” for now she’s in mourning. “I will miss her entirely…. There’s this emotion in her, this depth of love, that she can’t show because she has been conditioned to be aggressive and to kill. For me, finding the humanity in a character like that is really exciting.” (On Orphan Black, Helena gave me the creeps; I’m all about Allison.)


Orphan Black is on hiatus.


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