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Showtime Ending Weeds After Upcoming Eighth Season

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 06/13/2012

WeedsSad news ‘Weeds‘ fans. Showtime has decided to move on without the dope-selling show. The Lionsgate produced show starring Mary-Louise-Parker is ending after the upcoming eighth season. So, enjoy it while you can. The start of the final season begins, July 1, 2012.


To be frank, it’s not really all that sad. Eight seasons on a premium channel is a long run by any standard. The show was getting a bit stale as of last year anyway. They moved it to New York to try and freshen up the scenery, but most of it was shot on a backlot that looked nothing like NYC.


Still, I have been a fan of the show since day one in the suburbs and can’t wait to see how it all ends. I’m sure creator Jenji Kohan will have something else up her sleeve really soon. Maybe she will create a new show call Cocaine or LSD.


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