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Smashed Trailer Starring Aaron Paul and Mary Elizabeth Winstead

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 09/11/2012

Smashed Trailer Here’s the first trailer from one of everyones favorite actors, Aaron Paul. His new film is titled, ‘Smashed.’


Smashed co-stars or rather stars the very talented up and comer Mary Elizabeth Winstead — god I love this girl. She’s plain Jane and I love her for it. Don’t take that Plain Jane remark the wrong way. What I mean by that is, she looks like an ordinary girl and it makes her a more believable actress. You can keep the Jessica Biel’s.


So, this film Smashed just rocked the film festival circut this year. It one the dramatic Special Prize at Sundance and has been highly touted in Austin, Seattle, everywhere it’s been screened really.


Smashed is billed as a comedy-drama, but it’s really more of a drama in my eyes. Having dealt with alcoholism, I can tell you that its only fun until you get pancreatitis and end up in the hospital. This film serves as a cautionary tale in a really wonderful way. Because what writer director James Ponsoldt is trying to say with this movie is, it can be done. You can slow down, and grow up, and quit binge drinking and trying new drugs before your an old burnt out addict.

Smashed was picked up by Sony Pictures Classic after its screening at Sundance. It’s kind of interesting, Aaron Paul is sort of the co-star, you know? The stand in husband. Most male writer directors do it the other way around. The male is the lead with the massive story arch and the female co-star is the enabler or the rock for the lead to lean on. In Smashed it’s the opposite. It was a great choice, because this film probably could have been written both ways.



Kate and Charlie like to have a good time. Their marriage thrives on a shared fondness for music, laughter . . . and getting smashed. When Kate’s partying spirals into hard-core asocial behavior, compromising her job as an elementary schoolteacher, something’s got to give. But change isn’t exactly a cakewalk. Sobriety means she will have to confront the lies she’s been spinning at work, her troubling relationship with her mother, and the nature of her bond with Charlie..



Smashed also stars Octavia Spencer, Nik Offerman, and Megan Mullally. It will be released in select theaters on October 12, 2012.


Smashed Trailer


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