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‘Snow White And The Huntsman’ Movie Review

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 07/06/2012

Snow White‘Snow White and the Huntsman’ Movie Review: This movie was really disappointing on many levels, but Charlize Theron was wonderful as Queen Ravenna. She is intense, dark, psycho, and scary

Spoiler alert: if you have not yet seen the movie (and want to), don’t read this review.

Having few expectations for this movie, I thought it might turn out to be okay given the opening scenes. Raffey Cassidy as the young Snow White is really cute and did a good job. As we all know, Snow White’s mother, Queen Eleanor (Liberty Ross), dies while the princess is still young. These scenes were well done, and almost artistic. My hopes were raised.

After the queen’s death, King Magnus (Noah Huntley) is inconsolable. A Shadow Army soon appears, challenging the king, yet falls quite easily. The king then rescues the Shadow Army’s one hostage, Ravenna (Charlize Theron). Entranced, the king takes Ravenna as his wife, the day after her rescue. Ravenna murders Magnus on their wedding night, becoming Queen, and immediately has her army exterminate everyone within the castle walls, except Snow White, whom she imprisons.

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Charlize Theron was wonderful as Queen Ravenna. She is intense, dark, psycho, and scary. The mirror was creepy, melting down the steps taking a vaguely human form to speak, Ravenna being the only one who could communicate with it.

However, while watching I was regularly reminded of other movies. When Snow White ran into the Dark Forest, all I could think of was The Princess Bride and the fire swamp, as everything in the forest either spewed gas, grabbed at her, or trapped her horse in quicksand.

Snow WhiteThe Huntsman, Eric (Chris Hemsworth), arrives in time to rescue Snow White from the queen’s brother and his soldiers, even though the queen ordered him to bring Snow White back to her. Eric and Snow White run out of the Dark Forest, stopping at the base of a tree, in a relatively normal looking forest. Small, cloaked figures begin to appear around the base of the tree, staring at the princess and huntsman. All I could think of was they somehow ended up in Endor, Ewoks and all. Then the Ewoks, I mean the dwarves, trapped the humans, hanging them upside down from a tree… and yes, we are still in Endor.

Once Snow White convinces the dwarves of who she is, they release the prisoners and all run for their lives from the queen’s brother and his guards, who are hot on their trail yet again. The dwarves lead them through the forest, into a cave opening. Oh, okay, we’re in the Batcave now. Exiting the Batcave, they enter the fairy realm, and the one blind dwarf who can sense changes in The Force… no, that’s not right… announces Snow White is The One. Wait. What? The Matrix, too? Sigh.

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Inevitably, I guess, the dwarf with a crush on Snow White is murdered by the queen’s guards, which makes the entire group tearful and gloomy as they burn the poor dwarf’s dead body on a funeral pyre. And we’re back on Endor.Snow White

Eventually we get to the poison apple, on which Snow White chokes (apparently) to death. I must admit, this was the best piece of acting ever from Kristen Stewart. Snow White’s childhood friend, and Duke Hammond’s son, William (Sam Clafin) who has joined them by this point, tearfully kisses her as she lay in the snow. Nothing happens.

As Snow White lay in state at Duke Hammond’s castle, a drunken Eric confesses to her how he was unable to protect his wife (who was murdered by the Queen’s brother), and was now unable to protect Snow White. Crying, he apologizes to her and leans in to kiss her. He then stumbles away, and Snow White wakes up.

She then walks out of the castle, everyone stares at her, emotionless. She gives a moving speech to rally the troops, and off they go to retake King Magnus’ castle from Queen Ravenna. Now, I really liked the whole “warrior princess” (Xena) idea for Snow White, but Kristen Stewart is just not up to the challenge. A stirring speech to the troops? No, not really.

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The final scene, of Snow White being crowned Queen, was right out of The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King. Right down to the camera panning around the crowd, then stopping on the dwarves. Just like the Hobbits. As the camera backs up down the aisle, showing Snow White on the throne, one of the banners behind her was a bare, white tree. Oh, so we really are in Gondor.

This movie was really disappointing on many levels. The flavor-of-the-month stars just fell short. Kristen Stewart is asleep throughout the entire film, and I think Chris Hemsworth has more potential than this. He wasn’t asleep, but he wasn’t really all there, either. To make matters even worse, the CG effects were poorly done and distracting, which certainly did not help this film.

I would not recommend this movie, unless you want to see Charlize Theron as a really great bad guy! If so, wait until it comes out on DVD. Movie Reviews

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