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Sofia Vergara to guest Star on Family Guy, The Cleveland Show

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 07/23/2012

Sofia VergaraSofia Vergara to guest on ‘Family Guy,’ ‘Cleveland Show’


According to Entertainment Weekly’s Dan Snierson, Sofia Vergara will be guest-starring in an episode of the upcoming 11th season of Family Guy, and she will also be guest-starring in an episode of the upcoming 4th season of The Cleveland Show. Here’s an excerpt from the article, which gives some details on Vergara’s roles on Family Guy and The Cleveland Show:Sofia Vergara is about to be romantically linked to… Peter Griffin? The Modern Family star will cameo as his fantasy love interest in an upcoming episode of Family Guy, EW has learned. In a cutaway gag featuring Peter as a telenovela lothario, Vergara voices his sassy (and, yes, buxom) lover. And that’s not her only role in the episode; she plays a woman selling roses in a restaurant where Quagmire is “wooing” Peter so that Peter will do him a big favor.In addition, Vergara will pop up this season on another animated Fox comedy, The Cleveland Show. She’ll be voicing a character named Tia Sofia, who tries to talk Cleveland into hosting a quinceañera for Cleveland Jr.’s 15th birthday.

My thoughts: I’ve never really watched The Cleveland Show, because I personally don’t think it’s very funny at all, so Sofia Vergara guest-starring on The Cleveland Show doesn’t really excite me at all. Personally, I’m surprised that The Cleveland Show is still on the air, because I just think it’s a terrible show. However, I do love Family Guy and the details on Sofia’s guest appearance on the show sound very funny, so I’m really looking forward to her guest appearance on Family Guy.

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