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Soldiers Of Fortune Movie Review

Written by   // 08/13/2012

Soldiers of Fortune Movie Review Ving Rhames, Christian SlaterSoldiers Of Fortune Movie Review

Following the genre of 80′s hero movies Christian Slater’s (True Romance, Mobsters) “Soldiers of Fortune” was released On Demand, same day as theatre on 8.3.12. Soldiers of Fortune is a movie about privileged men looking for war games kicks who end up getting more than they bargained for.

Soldiers of Fortune stars Christian Slater as Craig McCenzie, a wrongfully discharged special forces veteran tapped to lead a group of thrill seekers including Sean Bean (GoldenEye, The Lord of the Rings) as Dimidov, a wealthy Russian with a shady agenda; Ving Rhames (Pulp Fiction, Animal) as an arms dealer looking for payment monetary or in blood; Freddy Rodriguez (Dead Presidents, Harsh Times) and a few others in a strong supporting cast ensemble.

“Soldiers of Fortune” has enough of all the right ingredients that can lead to an entertaining hour and a half explosive thrill ride. I wanted off this ride, however, as soon as it started. The first mistake was Christian Slater cast as a special ops vet. . .followed by the made for TV straight to video look which only added to what quickly sunk this attempt for me. The cast is the only thing that carried me to the ultimately obvious outcome of finishing the movie. I had hoped that with this great ensemble the always evasive “twist” I crave from all movies would come, alas it never arrived.Soldiers of Fortune Movie Starring Christian Slater August 13, 2012

I will give a nod, however, to the always entertaining “whipping the troops into shape” sequence.

On a scale of a sci-fi movie to Goodfellas this is a wait until it’s on Spike and then DVR it…and then watch it in ff.

Soldiers of Fortune (Action-Adventure)

Directed by Maksim Korostyshevsky

Budget 8 Million

MGM Studios

Available ondemand same day as theatre


Written by Daniel J. Lopez.  Follow Daniel on Twitter @Souljadlo

 Soldiers of Fortune Official Trailer:


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