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Solomon Kane Movie Review

Written by   // 08/27/2012

Solomon Kane Movie ReviewSolomon Kane Movie Review

This week’s On Demand same day as theatre is actually “Before” theatre realese…in the U.S. that is. James Purefoy (Knight’s Tale, Resident Evil) stars as Solomon Kane, a Puritan time warrior fighting for his soul.

It always interests me to see foreign films’ attempts at Hollywood blockbusters outside of Hollywood. Though released by the Weinstein company, this film had little to no press in the states. This film reminds of “Brotherhood of the Wolf,” another film from abroad with no hype in America. Released later than our friends accross the pond  and found by us much the same as a young foreign kid can find 90′s Ice Cube and think he’s relevant (ala behind Enemy Lines).

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Solomon Kane deals with heavy Christain good vs evil tones as it is set during the Puritan times when people started to migrate accross the ocean to The New World. A time of witch hunts and black magic challenged the forces of good. In walks our hero to this world as a fearless, masterfull and merciless warrior Solomon Kane. When the devil’s reaper tells Kane his time of piledge and plunder is over and his soul is required in hell Soloman exalts he yet wants to live and fights his way back to the road of salvation in protecting those who cannot protect themselves with an sworn oathe of non violence less his soul be damned.

Solomon Kane will not win any awards, you wont see a trailer on tv, and it has been out overseas since 2009, however, with a 40 million budget, you can check out how the rest of the world’s caught up to Hollywood, and enjoy a fun good vs evil joy ride.

Written by:@souljadlo

Solomon Kane (action-adventure,Science fiction and fantasy)

Written and Directed by: Michael J. Bassett

Available On Demand BEFORE theatre release September 28,2012

Solomon Kane Trailer:


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