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Somber Box Office Forecast: The Dark Knight Will Rise

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 07/20/2012

Box Office

Its hard to forecast this weeks box office returns. In a terribly tragic turn, a mass murder took place at the midnight screening of The Dark knight Rises. I hope this one crazed gun man doesn’t deter people from going to see the movie. If we are scared to go to see The Dark Knight Rises then he has won. Don’t let this gunman take our joy away. Mourn the dead and, prey for their families and the wounded and keep on living. Don’t let this lone psycho steal your enjoyment.


Here is the forecast: Christopher Nolan’s Bat-trilogy concludes this weekend with The Dark Knight Rises, and audiences appear poised to rush out in unprecedented numbers to find out exactly how “The Legend Ends.”

The Dark Knight Rises
 is debuting at 4,404 locations, which is the second-widest release ever behind The Twilight Saga: Eclipse‘s 4,468 theaters. With over 70 minutes filmed using IMAX cameras, the movie will play at a record 332 IMAX locations, and it’s a foregone conclusion that it sets a new record in that format. The bigger question is whether The Dark Knight Rises can steal the opening weekend record away from The Avengers, which established an insanely high bar when it debuted to $207.4 million in May.

If anyone can beat The Avengers, though, it’s Batman, who is arguably the most popular character in American pop culture. 1989′s Batman set the opening weekend record at the time with $40.5 million; that was eventually topped by Batman Returns ($45.7 million), which was then beat by Batman Forever ($52.8 million). By the time Batman and Robin opened in 1997, though, the pervading silliness had sullied the franchise, and the movie was a financial disappointment at $107.3 million total.

After an eight-year hiatus, Warner Bros. hired up-and-coming writer-director Christopher Nolan to reboot the franchise. Nolan’s first installment, Batman Begins, opened slowly but went on to earn a very respectable $205.3 million. The movie was also extremely well-regarded—it has an 8.3 rating on IMDb—and found a very strong after-life on DVD and TV.


Ice Age 4 is likely to finish in second behind The Dark Knight Rises and The Amazing Spider-Man should finish third.



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