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Sons of Anarchy, Jax’s Proposition to Gemma 5×06 Spoilers!

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 10/31/2012

Sons of Anarchy, Jax's Proposition to Gemma 5x06 Spoilers! Sons of Anarchy: Jax and Gemma 5×06 Spoilers from a TV line interview with Kurt Sutter




Here’s some new Gemma and Jax scoop from Kurt Sutter. In this snippet of the interview, Sutter opens up about the motivation behind Jax telling Gemma there is a way for her to be welcomed back into the family.



TVLINE | Back to that Sons of Anarchy proposition: Jax told Gemma that if she obliges, he and Tara will welcome her back into their family. Is there any truth to that? Or was that just more manipulation?

It’s both. It’s a dark maneuver, obviously, to undermine Clay. But he does feel that this is leverage he has on Gemma, and leverage only works if you uphold your end of the deal. So, my sense is that it’s not a ruse or a lie. What I love is the idea that as much as Gemma may have disdain for Clay and as much as she’s drawn to Nero, there is a sense that she has this deep connection with [her ex] — and Jax knows that. Even if she’s forced to engage with Clay, she has the awareness that there is a deep bond and a lot of emotionality. It would be hard for her to separate herself from that. My sense is that the reason Gemma’s going out of her way to push Clay away is because she doesn’t want to get sucked back into those strong feelings she may have for him like she has done in the past… But Jax is very away of the connection he still has with her and as he says to her at the end of the episode that he knows that once they lay down together, the secrets will start flowing.



Sons of Anarchy returns with episode 5×06, ‘Andare Pescare,’ on Tuesday, November 6, 2012 at 10pm on FX.


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