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Sons of Anarchy Scoop Fron Charlie Hunnam

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 11/30/2012

Sons of Anarchy Scoop Fron Charlie Hunnam Sons of Anarchy: Scoop from From Charlie Hunnam




Here’s some new Sons of Anarchy Scoop from Charlie Hunnam recent interview with Matt Webb Mitovich (11/30/12)



Sons of Anarchy

You may know, from a recent Entertainment Weekly interview, that Charlie Hunnam this season gave castmate Ron Perlman the big chill off camera as well as on, to help get into Jax’s mindset. Thing is, he didn’t alert Perlman to his Method-y madness. “I don’t mind saying it was a bit uncomfortable,” Clay’s portrayer tells us with a laugh. “I’ve loved him since we first started working together five years ago, so it was weird [wondering] if I pissed him off.” Especially since the two men have other projects they’re working on together and had to promote at this summer’s Comic-Con. “I was on my way there when I realized, ‘Holy s–t! I’m not just going to be with Charlie on the Sons of Anarchy panel; I’m going to be with him talking about Pacific Rim and Frankie Go Boom…. I’m going to have to manufacture some sort of bon ami.’ So when we were immediately thrown into a panel [for Pacific Rim], I just threw my arms around him and gave him a kiss and all this love.” And that thawed things… a little. “For the rest of the season after that, it was never as light and loose as it used to be,” Perlman reports, “but a lot of the tension had gotten removed — which was fine with me.”



Sons of Anarchy returns with it season finale, 5×13, ‘J’ai Obtenu Cette,’ on Tuesday, December 4, 2012 at 10pm on FX.


Sons of Anarchy 5×13 J’ai Obtenu Cette Promo


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