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Star Trek-The Next Generation Season Two Boldly Going to Blu-Ray

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 11/20/2012

Star Trek The Next Generation Season TwoStar Trek-The Next Generation Season Two Boldly Going to Blu-Ray

The second season of Star Trek-The Next Generation will be arriving in stores on Blu-ray on December 4th and Paramount Pictures is celebrating by releasing two of the season’s finest episodes, “The Measure of a Man” and “Q-Who”, in theaters for a one night event on November 29th.

Star Trek-The Next Generation’s second season premiered in November 1988, two months late due to a writer’s strike during the spring and summer of 1988, which resulted in most television shows getting a late start on production. Even with new episodes airing into early July of 1989, season two consisted of 22 episodes instead of the normal 24.

Still, season two was superior to the entertaining but uneven first season and paved the way for the excellent third season. Among the classic episodes from year two include “Elementary, Dear Data”, “A Matter of Honor”, “The Measure of a Man” and “Q-Who”. Even the silly episode “The Royale” where Riker, Data and Worf find themselves trapped in a structure on a dead planet made to look like a 20th century casino, is fun to watch.Star Trek The Next Generation Season 2 Review

“The Measure of a Man”, one of the greatest Star Trek episodes ever produced, addresses the issue of freedom and human rights when a robotics expert wants to disassemble Data to learn how an android is put together, not carrying that Data may not survive the procedure. “Q-Who”, the greatest of the episodes featuring the recurring character of Q, introduces the audience to the evil Borg, a race made up of beings who are part biological and part machine. These two excellent episodes are being packaged together for a one night theatrical release on November 29th with the Blu-ray itself hitting stores on December 4th.


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