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Stephen King’s New CBS Series, Under The Dome, Premiere Date

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 01/14/2013

Stephen King, Under the DomeStephen King’s New CBS Series, Under The Dome, gets a Summer Premiere Date





Under the Dome, the latest TV Series from the master of thrills, Stephen King will see a Summer premiere date in 2013. Here’s the latest news from TV Guide’s Hanh Nguyen!



TV Guide’s January 12th, 2013, First Look at Stephen King’s Under the Dome:

CBS treated critics to a first look at the development of the series based on Stephen King’s novelĀ of the same name, in which an invisible dome inexplicably encapsulates a small town and cuts the residents off from the rest of the world. Writer Brian K. Vaughn says that the series will explore “the mundane … colliding with the fantastic.” The tagline reads: “No one gets in. No one gets out.” The science-fiction story will be told in 13 episodes this summer beginning June 24, and Tassler promises that “there will be a key piece of information that the audiences will have by the end of the summer.”




Now that we have a date of June 24th, 2013, all we need is a time and a preview video. Stick with TV Film News for the latest updates on Under the Dome!



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