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Suits, Season 2 Summer Finale Preview

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 08/23/2012

Suits, Season 2 Summer Finale PreviewSuits: Season 2 Summer Finale Preview with Aaron Korsh

Here’s an interview that the creator and executive producer of Suits, Aaron Korsh, did with TVLine’s Vlada Gelman which gives a preview of tonight’s season 2 summer finale, episode 2×10 “High Noon”. In the interview, Korsh talks about Louis’ role in the dynamic of the firm, how the death of Mike’s grandmother affects him and how it will impact his relationship with Harvey, Mike’s love life and whether or not Donna is in love with Harvey. Here’s an excerpt from the article where Korsh talks about the conversation between Mike and Harvey where they confide in each other:

TVLINE | It also leads to an exchange between Mike and Harvey in a setting and scenario we haven’t seen before. Can you preview that scene?

Mike, reeling from his grandmother, chooses to smoke pot in reaction to that. Harvey needs to come and help Mike get his s–t together, so he ends up showing up at Mike’s place and discovers that Mike has been smoking pot. It leads to them having a long, bonding discussion where they each reveal personal things to each other, man to man.




My thoughts: I have to say that I’ve found Louis a lot more likable this season, which is probably the thing that has surprised me the most about season two so far. I absolutely hated Louis last season. I just hope that Louis makes the right decision and votes for Jessica because Daniel is not a good guy, if you ask me. I’m really looking forward to seeing Mike and Harvey interact with each other outside the office more often. I think watching them interact with each other outside of work more as friends instead of coworkers would be very interesting. I’m also anxious to see them explore the possibility of Donna having feelings for Harvey and how he would react to that.


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