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Supernatural 8X01 We Need to Talk About Kevin Recap

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 10/03/2012

Season 8 premiere starts in the Maine Wilderness, one year after the events of the season finale that sent Dean to purgatory. We see a twenty-something year old couple sleeping in a tent, who are awoken by a bright light Supernatural 8X01 “We Need to Talk About Kevin” Recap

Season 8 premiere starts in the Maine Wilderness, one year after the events of the season finale that sent Dean to purgatory. We see a twenty-something year old couple sleeping in a tent, who are awoken by a bright light and sound coming from outside their tent. The boyfriend goes to investigate when a dirty and bloodied Dean shows up with a gun. Dean asks the boy where the road is, and he finds out it is 20 miles away. Dean takes their bag and runs.

 Clayton, Louisiana – 4 days later: Dean has hitched a ride from Maine to Louisiana. He wanders through a forest until nighttime, when he stop and begins digging and says, “This better be you.” He reveals a skeleton in the grave. He rolls up his sleeve and we see that his arm is bulging and glowing orange. With a knife, he cuts his arm and a strange glowing substance oozes out and into the grave. Dean, who is obviously in pain, begins chanting in Latin. When he is a finished, a man appears behind him. Dean asks, “How’s everything working?” and the man is revealed to be a leviathan. He asks, “What now?” to which Dean answers, “What we talked about.” The leviathan says that this is goodbye and they embrace and talk about how they can’t believe they did it.

Cut to Sam packing a bag in his house, before dawn. He pets his dog goodbye and we see that a woman is in his bed. He leaves without saying goodbye to her. Sam is obviously distraught as he drives away in Dean’s impala. As he drives away, we see that a man is standing on the sidewalk watching him. New, Supernatural, Season 8 Dean and Sam Episode Scoop

Whitefish, Montana: Sam enters a cabin and Dean jumps on him. He performs several tests on him to make sure he is actually Sam. When he is positive, they hug. Sam is stunned that Dean is still alive. Dean tells Sam that he was in purgatory for the past year. Sam asks him how he got out. Dean dodges the question. Sam then asks if Castiel was there. Dean says that Cas didn’t make it. A hopeful Sam asks if Dean saw him die, to which he responds that he didn’t, but he saw enough. Sam tells Dean that he didn’t hunt while he was gone because he was alone. Dean asks if Sam even looked for him. Sam doesn’t respond and Dean angrily leaves. ‘Supernatural’ Promotional Photos From The Season 8 Premiere Supernatural Photo Season 8 Premiere 8X01 We Need to Talk About Kevin

A few hours later, Dean is back and listening to the voicemails on the phones that Sam ditched. On one phone are messages from Kevin, the prophet kidnapped by Crowley. In the first voicemail, Kevin says that he escaped from a warehouse that Crowley kept him in, and that he needed Sam’s help. The next voicemail is a week later and Kevin once again says that he needs help. The following voicemail is three months later and Kevin sounds drunk and isn’t making much sense. The last voicemail is from six months later and Kevin says that he assumes that Sam is dead and won’t call him anymore. Dean is angry and says that Kevin was their responsibility. However, in the voicemail, the noise in the background reveals that Kevin is heading to Centerville, Michigan by way of bus. After doing a little research, Sam finds out that Kevin’s high school girlfriend is in Centerville, so the brothers take off to find him. New Supernatural Season 8, Episode 8 Scoop!

Jump forward a bit and we see that Sam and Dean have stopped at a run-down motel just like good ol’ times. Dean sees two young boys chasing each other with fake guns and it reminds him of something that happened in purgatory.

 Purgatory Flashback: Dean is chasing a vampire through the woods. When he catches him, he asks, “Where’s the angel?” When the vampire says he doesn’t know, Dean kills him. Suddenly, another vampire leaps out at him and attacks. Just when it looks like Dean is going to die, the vampire from the beginning of the episode kills the attacker, saving Dean’s life. 9 NEW Photos and Synopsis From Supernatural, 8×02 What’s Up, Tiger Mommy?


Cut to Sam and Dean in the motel. Dean wonders why Sam took the year off. Sam says that he realized that it wasn’t only up to him to save people. Dean asks Sam if it was a girl that made him take the time off. Sam says that there was a girl, and then there wasn’t. Dean doesn’t ask any more questions.

A little while later, Sam tells Dean that he didn’t just drop out, but that he found something. He tells him that there was a girl named Amelia, and also that he had a dog, which makes Dean very upset because the two rules are: don’t take a joint from someone named Don, and NO dogs in the car. Sam asks Dean why he is still shaky and on edge. Dean says he wouldn’t believe him, but goes on to tell him just how hard purgatory was to survive in.

Purgatory Flashback: It is right after the vampire has saved Dean’s life. Dean is ready to kill him, but the vampire tells him that he has the way out. He tells him that there is a human portal that only humans can get through. He also tells him that the only way he’ll help him get back is by taking him along.

Cut to Sam and Dean talking to Kevin’s girlfriend. She tells them that she hasn’t seen Kevin in over a year.

Sam and Dean are outside walking around and wonder why Kevin came to Centerville if it wasn’t to see his girlfriend. They decide to split up and ask if anyone has seen him.

Cut to Kevin’s girlfriend and her roommate in their dorm. The roommate is trying to help her get over Kevin, when she turns around, revealing that she is a demon. She is holding a knife and a bowl. She slits her roommates throat and collects the blood in the bowl. She tells the creature contacting her through the blood that she has not seen the prophet, but that Dean Winchester is back.

Cut to Sam sitting on the campus with his laptop. He sees a girl walking a dog, which makes brings on a memory of his own dog.

Flashback: Sam rushes into a veterinary hospital holding a bloody dog and tells the secretary that the dog needs help. He rushes the dog to the back and is yelling at the secretary when the doctor comes back. She makes Sam leave the room and he says, “I did this.”

Cut back to Sam. Dean sits down and says that he hasn’t found anything. Sam says that he found campus security footage of Kevin from when he showed up. Sam found the computer that Kevin used while he was there, the website he was visiting, hacked his account, found when else the user was logged in, and tracked the IP address back to Kevin and found out that he has been using the same router for two months. Dean asks for him to put it in “English” and Sam says that Kevin is in Iowa.

Fairfield, Iowa: Sam and Dean walk up to where they believe Kevin is staying (an old abandoned house). They break through the door, when Kevin doesn’t answer. Kevin is inside and shoots them with cleaning solution to make sure they aren’t leviathan. When he realizes there safe, he asks what happened to them. Dean summarizes by saying, “I was in purgatory and Sam got a dog.”

The three are walking through Kevin’s house and see that there are demon traps everywhere. Sam asks how he learned and Kevin says that technically God taught him. Sam asks him how he escaped from Crowley.

Flashback: Kevin is seen being taken to Crowley. Crowley tells him that he won’t be tortured, but treated like a prince. There is a tablet, the word of God, like the one from last season.

Dean asks what was on the tablet and Kevin says that everything about demons was on it.

Return to Flashback: Kevin tells Crowley there are only fragments on the tablet and that it is hard for him to read. Kevin tells Crowley that he reads, ‘Hell Gates’.

Sam asks, “What about hell gates?” Kevin says that there is one in Wisconsin and that on the tablet there were ingredients for a spell to open it.

Return to Flashback: Kevin is preparing the ingredients for the spell. Crowley is in Wisconsin waiting for Kevin to open the gates. Kevin sets the ingredients on fire, killing the two demons that stayed with him. He takes the tablet and escapes.

Kevin tells Sam and Dean that he actually used a spell to destroy demons. Sam asks where the tablet is now. Kevin responds, “Safe”. Kevin also tells them he read how to close the gates of hell forever, and banish all demons off the earth. Sam and Dean are shocked.

Cut to Sam and Dean stepping onto the balcony. Dean is anxious about closing the gates of hell, but Sam knows that Kevin probably wouldn’t survive.

Cut to Sam walking up to Kevin. Sam apologizes for not trying to save him when he disappeared. Kevin tells Sam that he can’t believe that he is a prophet and that this is his life. Sam tells him that it will get easier. Sam then tells him about how important and beneficial to the world it would be if the gates of hell were closed. Kevin tells Sam that he needs a few minutes, and walks out of the room. We see that Dean was listening to them talking.

Flashback: Sam is in the waiting room of the animal hospital. The doctor comes out and tells him that the dog suffered some serious internal bleeding and two leg fractures, but that he is expected to pull through with some TLC. Sam is relieved and thanks the doctor. The doctor asks if Sam will take him home. Initially he declines, but after some convincing, he agrees to take him.

Sam, Dean, and Kevin are all standing in one of the rooms, when the house starts shaking and the floor cracks. Dean tells them, “We have company.” He gives Sam a weapon from purgatory. Suddenly the doors burst open, revealing two demons. They fight, but Sam and Dean kill the demons. Just when they think it’s over, Crowley shows up with Kevin’s ex-girl-demon. Crowley asks where Castiel is and Deans tells him that he is dead. He is angry with Kevin for killing his men, but tells him that if he comes with him, he’ll let his girlfriend go back to him. Dean tells Kevin that he’s lying. Kevin agrees and tells Crowley that he needs to get his stuff. After a little while, Kevin is still not back, so Crowley goes looking for him. He has set up a trap, pouring holy water on the two. Sam, Dean, and Kevin escape, and as they drive away, they see Crowley kill Kevin’s girlfriend.

Cut to Sam, Dean, and Kevin pulling up to a gas station. Dean’s phone rings and he tells the caller that he has the wrong number. Dean walks around to the side of the gas station and calls back the person who called in the car. It is revealed to be the vampire, Benny, which Dean brought from purgatory. Dean says that they did what they had to do down there, but it’s best that they not talk for a while. Benny tells Dean that he wishes that he appreciated purgatory more while he was there. Dean tells him that if there is an emergency to call him, and he hangs up.



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