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Supernatural 8×02 “What’s Up, Tiger Mommy?”

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 10/13/2012

Supernatural Season 8, Episode 2 RecapSupernatural 8×02 “What’s Up, Tiger Mommy?”

“What’s Up, Tiger Mommy” begins with a woman leading an elderly man, Mr. Vili, to his safety deposit box. He tells her it is box number 1. She finds the box and gives it to him. He opens it and he pulls out a bone. He tells her it is an extremely valuable bone. He then proceeds to kill her.

Cut to Dean, Kevin, and Sam eating at an outdoor restaurant. Kevin tells Dean that he wants to visit his mother to make sure she is safe. Dean tells him that Crowley probably has men at her house waiting for Kevin. Kevin insists on checking on his mother. Dean reluctantly agrees.

Neighbor, Michigan: The three are sitting outside Kevin’s mom’s house and looking in her window. They see her and Kevin is relieved that she is safe. Dean points out that the mailman and gardener are acting suspiciously and are probably demons. Dean kills the gardener, who was a demon and Sam kills the mailman, who was also a demon.

Cut to Kevin’s mom talking to a friend about Kevin. She is concerned that he will not return. There is a knock on the door. It is Kevin. His mother is overjoyed to see him. They embrace and she cries. Sam says he smells something and rushes in the house. The woman that Kevin’s mom was talking to earlier is revealed to be a demon, but Sam kills her. Kevin’s mother saw the entire thing and is terrified.

Sam, Dean, and Kevin sit his mother down and tell her what happened. They tell her that her friend was a demon. Kevin asks, “Have you ever seen The Exorcist?” They also tell her about Crowley and that he kidnapped Kevin. They say that they need Kevin’s help to find the tablet so they can banish all demons. Dean tells her that they need to bring her to a safe house. Ms. Tran insists on going with them to make sure Kevin is safe, but Sam tells her that Crowley will try to kill her. She continues insisting and eventually they agree to let her come, but Dean tells her that she will need to get the tattoo that will keep her from becoming possessed. Ms. Tran is not phased and quips, “Like it’s my first tattoo.”

Cut to Kevin and his mom receiving their tattoos. Kevin is clearly in pain and wincing. His mom, however, is completely calm. She reaches out and holds his hand.

Laramie, Wyoming: The four are in a subway station and Dean uses a key to unlock a locker. The tablet is supposed to be in a bag in the locker, but the bag is empty.

Cut to Dean and Sam, dressed as agents, asking a security guard about the lockers. He tells them that they are often broken into, but he never knew who was doing it. He then tells them that it was only yesterday that they caught the man breaking into the lockers, Clem Smedley. He says that Clem is in police custody and awaiting arraignment.

Cut to Dean and Sam interrogating Clem. Sam tells Clem that there was a tablet stolen from a locker and asks him if he knows where it is. Sam tells him that he will try and work something out with the locals if they’ll tell them where it is. Suddenly Dean begins having a flashback.

Purgatory Flashback: Dean is with Benny and they are trying to get another monster (werewolf?) to tell them where Castiel is. Benny says that he thinks the werewolf doesn’t know, but Dean keeps questioning him

Back to the interrogation. Dean strangles Clem with his tie and pulls out a knife. Clem is terrified.

Purgatory: Dean has a knife on the werewolf who is tied up to a tree. He finally tells him that there is a stream that runs through a clearing not far from where they are, and offers to show Dean. Deans says, “Why don’t you just tell me?”

Back to interrogation: Clem: “Pawn Shop. First and Main.”

Purgatory: Werewolf: “Follow the stream. There’s a clearing. You’ll find your angel there.” Dean tells him that he believes him, but kills him anyway.

Interrogation: Dean lets go of Clem and him and Sam leave.

Sam, Dean, Kevin, and Ms. Tran pull up to the pawnshop. They enter and Sam and Dean tell the owner that they are FBI agents looking for a tablet. The man tells him he hasn’t seen it. Dean is angry, but the man is stubborn. Ms. Tran then asks if a nice car outside the shop is his. She tells him that the tags are expired, most likely because he acquired it in a trade, meaning he hasn’t paid the tax. After a persuasive argument, they get a pawn slip with the address of the buyer.

Cut to the fours outside a small building. Sam knocks on the door with the number ‘126’. No one answers. However, a man, Beau (an assistant to the god of greed, Plutus) walks up to them and begins talking. He tells Dean that he isn’t going to steal the prophet. He greets Ms. Tran and kisses her hand. He also tells Kevin that he has something for him. It is an invitation to an auction where they will be selling the tablet. After a little more talking, Beau disappears. Sam and Dean know that they won’t have enough money, but realize that they don’t need to buy the tablet. They just need Kevin to get close enough to memorize the spell.

Cut to everyone entering the auction. At the door, Dean is forced to give up all his weapons (which are a lot). They walk farther and begin looking at all the items. They find the tablet, but it is covered so it cannot be read. Sam tells them they need to come up with a plan B. Crowley then appears and says, “And what could possibly have been plan A?” He knew what they were planning.

Crowley then addresses Kevin and sarcastically apologizes for killing his girlfriend. Ms. Tran slaps Crowley and tells him to stay away from Kevin. The “host” then enters and the auction begins. Crowley wishes them good luck. Sam, Kevin, and Ms. Tran are walking away when a young man in a “Wiener Hut” uniform and an ‘Alfie’ name tag comes up to Dean. Dean doesn’t know him, but Alfie tells him that he knew Castiel. He is revealed to be an angel, Samandiriel. He is there for the tablet. He asks Dean what happened to Cas. Dean tells him that they went to purgatory and he escaped, but Castiel did not. Samandiriel is upset and walks away.

Purgatory Flashback: Castiel is washing his face with water from a stream. Dean and Benny approach and Dean shouts his name. He hugs him. Dean introduces Cas to Benny. Benny is angry with Castiel for leaving Dean. Dean begins to defend Cas, but he tells him that he did in fact run away. Dean is surprised and upset. He begins to yell at Castiel. Castiel then tells him that he has been trying to keep the leviathan away from Dean. Cas asks them to leave, but Dean tells him that they are going to get out of purgatory. Castiel tells him it is too dangerous, but Dean tells Cas that he isn’t leaving without him.

The auction, run by Plutus with the help of Beau, is beginning. Sam, Dean, Kevin, and Ms. Tran all empty their wallets. They have hacked credit cards, $2000, and a Costco membership. The first item is announced and it has a starting bid of 3 tons of dwarven gold. They are surprised and Crowley laughs at their foolishness. Dean gets up and walks to the back. The tablet is being wheeled away. A man locks it in a room and walks away. Dean passes him and quickly steals the key from the man’s coat pocket. He goes over and unlocks the door and enters the room. There are two people inside. Dean plays dumb and says, “This isn’t the men’s room!” He leaves.

The next item is the hammer of Thor. Mr. Vili offers the finger bone from the frost giant Ymir that he got from the safety deposit box. The offer is declined. He then holds up a bloody bag and says, “5/8ths of a virgin”. The offer is accepted.

Dean returns to the room. The tablet is up for sale. Crowley offers 3 billion dollars. Samandiriel stands up and offers the Mona Lisa. Crowley then offers “The real Mona Lisa, where she’s topless.” Dean is interested. Samandiriel offers Vatican City. Crowley offers Alaska. Their offers are declined. Crowley offers the moon. Beau tells him the reserve has not yet been met, so he is going to add another item in order to stimulate the bidding. The item is Kevin. He vanishes from his seat and appears tied in the front of the room, next to Plutus. Ms. Tran pleads and offers her 401K and her house. Beau says that it is out of her price range. A desperate Ms. Tran offers her soul. Kevin tries to stop her. Crowley offers one million souls. Plutus stands and says that it isn’t about the quantity; it’s about the sacrifice.

Crowley dramatically bids his own soul. Plutus laughs and sits back down, telling him that he doesn’t have a soul. The tablet and Kevin are sold to the Ms. Tran.

Cut to Ms. Tran asking Sam and Dean about losing her soul. She asks if it will hurt. They tell her probably. She asks if she will die. They answer, no, but she’ll wish she were dead. Beau enters and tells them it’s time. She is crying and asks to have a minute to herself. Sam and Dean leave. Alfie enters and tells her that he is an angel. He tells her that she is brave and that if she lets Kevin go with them, he will be safe. She tells him that the last time her son went with an angel, they died and Kevin disappeared for a year. He understands and leaves.

Cut to Mr. Vili picking up the hammer or Thor and rejoicing that he finally has it back. Plutus and Beau enter with Kevin and they tell Ms. Tran whenever she’s ready. She steps forward, but Dean grabs her arm and says what. Her sleeve comes up and we see that her arm is badly burned where the anti-possession tattoo was. It is revealed that she is possessed by Crowley.

In a brief flashback, we see that Beau is the one who burned the tattoo and helped Crowley.

Beau stabs and kills Plutus. Kevin yells to Crowley (still in Ms. Tran), “Get out of her!” To which Crowley replies, “If I had I nickel for every time someone screamed that at me.” He begins walking out with the tablet, but Sam tackles him. They both stand up. Crowley runs out with the tablet. Dean chases him and tells Sam to stay with Kevin. Beau tries to shoot Sam. Sam dives to the floor and Beau keeps shooting. Mr. Vili is also on the floor with the hammer of Thor. Kevin tries to run out, but Beau aims the gun at him. Sam comes up behind him and smashes his head with the hammer. Kevin runs out after Ms. Tran. Mr. Vili stands and asks for the hammer back. Sam asks, “Where did you get the 5/8ths of a virgin?” and kills him.

Dean grabs Crowley and he drops the tablet. Crowley leaves Ms. Tran. He then steps in the room (as himself) and says, “Well that was exciting.” He picks up the tablet and wishes them luck closing the gates of hell without the tablet. He tells Kevin, “Surprising what mommy dearest has ratting around the head. Want to know who your real father is? Scandalous. Dean stops him. Crowley tells Kevin that he should run away because the Winchester’s have a habit of using people up and the watching them die. Crowley leaves.

Kevin’s mom has not said a word since Crowley left her. Dean tells Kevin that she is tough and will pull it together. Kevin is upset. Dean tries to talk to him more, but Kevin says, “Shut up. I don’t want to here any more of your crappy speeches.” He tells them he wants to talk to his mom alone. Sam and Dean leave the room. Dean tells Sam that he wanted to kill Crowley, even if it meant killing Ms. Tran. They notice that it seems quite in the other room with Kevin and his mom.

They enter the room and see that Kevin and Ms. Tran are gone. There is a note saying that they left and not to look for them. Kevin wrote that since they lost the tablet, he figures they don’t need him. Sam is fuming and shouts, “What’s that kid thinking?!” Dean says, “He thinks that people I don’t need anymore end up dead.” Sam tells him that’s not true.

Purgatory Flashback: Castiel is holding on to Dean’s hand trying not to climb up a hill. He is shouting Dean’s name. Dean lets go and Cas slides down some. He keeps calling Dean’s name.


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