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Supernatural 8×10 Torn and Frayed Recap and Review

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 01/17/2013


Supernatural 8×10 Torn and Frayed Recap and Review

We start this long-awaited return episode of Supernatural with the angel Samandriel tied to a chair. He looks very bloody and has what appears to be a meat thermometer sticking out of his forehead. Samandriel uses his supernatural forces to have the metal projectile come out of his head as we hear footsteps approaching. Samandriel tries to send a psychic signal to Naomi, telling her that Crowley has him, but someone comes through the door before he gets too far with it. It is Crowley’s helper. Crowley’s helper accuses Samandriel of using his “angel radio” to try to get help. Samandriel denies it and Crowley’s helper refers to him as “Alfie.” Crowley’s helper then notices that the spike is on the floor and decides to place it back inside his forehead to prevent any future attempts. Opening title sequence happens.

We cut to Kermit, Texas at Sam’s house. There is a knock at the door and Sam goes to answer it. It is Dean, which disappoints Sam. It seems that Dean‘s story of Benny the vampire being the victim isn’t sitting well with Sam.  Seems Dean saved the vampire by convincing Sam that the woman he loved might be dead. Where they go from here depends on if Dea is done with Benn, which Dean isn’t sure of. Dean then exits, glad he made the drive.

Cut to a young mother nursing her crying child in a park. Castiel appears and says the child has been crying for two days b/c the doctors missed a hernia. Castiel touches the baby’s forehead and heals this problem, then disappears.

Castiel then transitions to what has to be the heaven version of an upper management office. Naomi tells him of Samandriel’s capture by Crowley. Castiel is ordered to find and bring him back. Naomi warns him that it was his idea to rescue Samandriel back to Heaven.

Dean is sleeping on a couch with Castiel appearing over him, watching him. Dean wakes up and yells at Castiel, who alerts him of Samandriel’s capture. Castiel says he had turned on the angel radio so he could help people. Castiel says he is being held in the general vicinity of Hastings, Nebraska. Castiel wants Dean’s help b/c it will involve talking to people, even though Castiel is now a hunter. Dean turns his computer on (and shuts some Japanese porn off) and Castiel explains that when you torture an angel, it causes a disastrous ripple effect. It seems there have been some mysterious tornadoes in Nebraska.

Cut to Sam’s house. Sam is watching a nature documentary on the dung beetle when Amelia comes knocking. She wants to know of Sam was stalking her the previous night (it was). She says she is content there, but here Sam comes. She cannot stop finishing Sam’s sentences. It must be love. They kiss.

Cut to Samandriel with a clamp wound around his head. Crowley’s helper is making so tight that blood coming out of Samandriel’s head so he cannot take the spike out to use the angel radio. Crowley’s helper wonders if conquering angels is the same as with humans and jams another spike in Samandriel’s head. Samandriel is in so much pain, he causes a glass beaker to break on the other side of the room, which causes him to go further. Samandriel then starts to chant an ancient curse as Chris Hinkley is walking by a bush in a faraway suburban neighborhood. Chris looks at a bush, only for it to burst into fire and toss him against a picket fence as Samandriel continues to chant.

Cut to Castiel and Dean riding into Geneva, Nebraska. They are visiting Chris in the hospital, pretending to be local reporters. Chris claimed the bush was talking to him when it exploded, which means he could hear Samandriel’s chant. Chris tries to recant the chant, with limited success. Castiel tells Dean in the hallway that it is Nokian, meaning “obey.” Castiel says they need to find Samandriel before it’s too late since he’s in so much pain he’s causing bushes to burn.

Cut to Amelia and Sam. They are finished making love. Amelia says she has it all in this town, but she always thinks of Sam when she wakes up/goes to sleep.  She cannot let him go unless he stops showing up. She cannot have Sam with one foot in/out of her life. Sam needs to think about it. They decide to show up the next day after work to see if they have a future together, or not show up. The plot thickens.

Meanwhile, Dean and Castiel come to their ninth abandoned factory with homeless people burning a trash can for warmth. Castiel says that the homeless people are demons. Castiel says he’ll get Sam, but Dean says they don’t need him. They go to Kevin’s house to find him working tirelessly. Kevin says that the ingredients are very hard to come by for demon TNT. Castiel says he’ll get everything needed if he gives him a list. Kevin gets writing.

Back to Samandriel. Crowley enters the lair. The helper shows him what he has been saying and Crowley says that Samandriel is saying what he has been programmed to say. The helper has reached his factory settings. Crowley wants to see how far this will go. He continues twisting and Samandriel keeps chanting.

Back to Kevin’s. Dean is pacing while Kevin listens to his headphones. Dean tries to get his attention when his cell phone rings. It’s Benny. Benny says he’s going through a slow patch. Dean promises to see him once he’s done there. Kevin then says he kicked his mother to the curb b/c she was too distracting. Kevin says he is in the “desert” in this basement and can enjoy life once his task is over.

Cut to Sam meeting Castiel in the rain on a bench.

Cut back to Dean. Castiel has arrived with Sam in tow. Castiel says they cannot save Samandriel without him.


Cut to the three arriving at the entrance guarded by the homeless demons. Castiel says there are four Nokian points (N, S, E, W) they must conquer before he can enter. Castiel gives them an angel blade that he says works on both demons and angels. A demon walks around and is impaled by the spike by Sam while Dean distracts him. They take the key and enter the building and spray paint an “X” atop the Nokian symbol. They split up.

Crowley continues to twist the screws and Samandriel keeps chanting. Crowley says that he is saying “tablet talk” and protecting the name of God must be hard wired into the angels.

Dean spray paints another “X” after a minion walks by. Sam paints one and is grabbed by a demon, whom Sam kills quickly, only to be grabbed by another from behind, who is killed by Dean.


Crowley keeps twisting and Samandriel keep screaming. Sam and Dean follow the screams. Two demons run toward them. They flight flares and throw them at them and it kills both demons. The noise is heard by Crowley and his helper. Sam and Dean spray paint the last “X” and Castiel appears, but he is not at full strength and knows Samandriel cannot last much longer. Dean cannot get the door open as Catiel has horrible flashbacks of being drilled before. Dean’s charges the door while Castiel cowls in the corner. Crowley is trying to get an answer out of Samandriel. Suddenly, Samandriel says something and Crowley says there is an angel tablet. This is what Crowley wants to hear.

Dean finally bursts through, but Crowley is gone. Dean fights with the helper while Sam takes on another demon. Castiel takes out the spikes in Samandriel’s head, with flashbacks revealing Naomi drilling into his head. Dean then kills the demon. The helper begs to be spared, but Dean isn’t convinced and he kills him.

Castiel puts Samandriel in a car and tells him he is safe and is to be brought back to heaven. Samandriel says he told Crowley things he shouldn’t have said about heaven and Naomi so he should not go back. Flash to Naomi ordering Castiel to kill Samandriel. Castiel then stabs Samandriel with the angel blade, killing him. Naomi calls Castiel a hero for protecting the angel tablet from the traitor Samandriel. Castiel isn’t convinced and doesn’t know what to tell Sam and Dean. She says to tell them Samandriel  was compromised and he killed him in self-defense and must return the body to her so she can find out how far Crowley got. Castiel then disappears with Samandriel’s body. Sam and Dean look perplexed.

Cut to a cabin the next day. Sam paints some symbols so Castiel cannot hear them. They question what happened since Castiel has acted strange since he got back from purgatory. Dean tells Sam to go to Amelia, since one of them needs to be happy. Sam decides to walk to clear his head.

Meanwhile, Benny is drinking some blood by a lake. He saves the last bag and closes a trunk. Dean calls to tell him he’s not going to make it and that it’s the end of the line for them. Dean watches television at night.

Amelia comes back to her house, seemingly empty. She leaves.

Sam sits down by Dean and they eat, drink beer and watch the television together. Some romances just don’t die.


Hmmm. I didn’t realize that Naomi had that kind of power over Castiel. It’ll be interesting to see how those two interact from now on since Castiel is remembering his torture.  I’m glad Sam chose Dean over Amelia. They belong together. I didn’t see the Amelia thing going much further. I didn’t like Sam forcing Dean to choose between Benny and him. Now, Benny will probably start killing again. This is not good. I am a little surprised that they waited four seasons to tell us that those angel blades kill demons as well. They really could’ve used that information beforehand. It was interesting to see Dean viewing Asian porn on his laptop. Didn’t see that one coming. Kevin’s appearance was interesting. He is starting to remind me of Dean in the early seasons of the show. I didn’t like how he seems to want to get rid of his mother and Garth. How will this affect his development as the prophet? Good episode! Oh, and RIP Samandriel. Onto next week!



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