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Suri Spends Thanksgiving With Tom

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 11/22/2012

Tom Cruise and Suri Spend Thanksgiving 2012 TogetherSuri Spends Thanksgiving With Tom

Last week we heard that Katie Holmes was going to be heading home to Ohio for Thanksgiving to spend some time with her parents, and it was assumed that daughter, Suri Cruise would be along for the ride. But, reports were that Holmes was along at LaGuardia waiting to board her flight for Ohio. So, where was little Suri Cruise?
It turns out that despite rumors that Tom Cruise would not be seeing his daughter Suri this Thanksgiving, she was flown out to London to do just that. Suri is spending time with Tom Cruise and his two children fruom marriage with Nicole Kidman.

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During the divorce settlement it was speculated that Katie, Tom, and daughter Suri would spend holidays together in order for the parents to show Suri that they will always be family.
What does this mean for Suri’s Christmas holiday? I suppose we will see.


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