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SVU, Victim’s Tale Brings Benson and Amaro Closer

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 03/27/2013

SVU, Victim's Tale Brings Benson and Amaro CloserSVU, Victim’s Tale Brings Benson and Amaro Closer



Here’s the  scoop on SVU from Adam Bryant and Natalie Abrams at TV Guide posted on March 26th, 2013.



I loved the double reveal on SVU of Benson’s mystery man and Amaro’s secret child. Will Amaro and Benson’s partnership be affected? —Brett

ADAM: Not really. In fact, Wednesday’s episode, which tells the story of a woman (The Walking Dead‘s Lauren Cohan) carrying the baby of the man who raped her, brings Benson and Amaro closer as Olivia finally divulges more details about her own troubled origins to her partner. As far as Benson’s new lover is concerned, don’t look for explicit developments on that front right away. However, Benson’s troubled romantic past in general is called into question when she’s forced to testify.


Law & Order: SVU returns with episode 14×18 Legitimate Rape on Wednesday Mar. 27th, 2013 9/8c on NBC.


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