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Syfy Destination Truth Recap: 501 & 502

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 07/13/2012

Destination TruthSyfy’s Destination Truth Recap: Episodes 501 and 502 – Vietnam’s Bigfoot, Return to the Haunted Forest, Belize Goblin

Destination Truth

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Season 5 – Episode 501

Vietnam’s Bigfoot

It’s been over a year since there’s been a new episode of Destination Truth. After the painfully long wait, the two-hour season premier of Destination Truth did not disappoint.

In tonight’s first episode, Team Truth visited Vietnam to search for the local Bigfoot, known as the Batutut. After landing in Hanoi and touring the city, the team headed to Ke Bang National Park where the Batutut has been sighted.

After going through the usual transportation crisis (involving an airplane), the team finally reaches the park where they encounter a venomous snake, a wildly rushing river that tried to wash Josh Gates downstream, and something running away from them, on two legs. They found footprints, made casts, and headed back to Los Angeles.Destination Truth

In Los Angeles, Josh has the findings analyzed, and Dr. Jeff Meldrum of the Idaho Museum of Natural History concludes the finding are very important, and the closest thing to finding evidence of a bigfoot-type animal, short of actually getting the animal itself.

The story moved along very well, including a few scares here and there. The evidence was certainly exciting, including an interesting view through the Flir thermal camera of a tall bipedal animal.

Everyone on the team was new, except Josh Gates and Erin Ryder. This will take some getting used to, but they seem fairly competent. Only time (and more episodes) will tell.

It’s great to have you back, Destination Truth!


Destination TruthDestination Truth

Season 5 – Episode 502

Return to the Haunted Forest/Belize Goblin

Return to the Haunted Forest

The team returns to Romania’s haunted Hoia-Baciu Forest. It is the first time Team Truth has returned to the place of a previous investigation. Two years ago, cameraman Evan had a terrifying experience here, as he was pushed/shoved/pulled off the spot where he was sitting by some unseen force.

Believing he needs to face his fears, brave Evan returns to Romania with Team Truth to reinvestigate the same forest. They soon reach the “dead spot,” where nothing grows. This is where Evan had his previous experience with the forest. They all seem surprised to be there.

Each team member took a turn sitting in the circle for 30 minutes, with nothing eventful. When Evan’s turn came up, he almost made it the 30 minutes. With eight minutes to go the team (monitoring Evan via night-vision cameras) watches as Evan seems to completely lose his bearings. They rush to him to find him dizzy, upset, and blood coming from his ear.

Expressing his desire to leave the area, Evan persuades Josh to pack it up for the night.

Back in Los Angeles, interesting discoveries are made after analyzing the evidence. Whispering and giggling during the EVP session, and hovering lights, all of which seems inexplicable.

This was a very good episode, as the team actually seems perplexed at how they ended up at the dead spot, and are equally surprised at the hovering lights and EVP evidence. Maybe something is going on in that Romanian forest. After all, isn’t that where the most frightening legends begin?

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Destination Truth

Syfy Channel

Season 5 – Episode 502

Return to the Haunted Forest/Belize Goblin

Belize Goblin

The Tata Duende has been terrorizing the locals for ages. Described as a small ape-like creature, Team Truth must discover if it is a real monster, or a misidentified native species.

After arriving in Belize City, they again run into the usual transportation troubles. These are usually funny, as it has become a running joke with the show. No exception tonight as they board a horse-drawn buggy.

To reach the right area of the rainforest, the team must use inflatable kayaks to navigate the dangerous rivers. As night falls, they split into two teams to continue the investigation. While the area was filled with spectacularly dense forest and huge caves, the Tata Duende remained elusive. With little evidence, Team Truth heads home to Los Angeles.

After analyzing their findings, Josh concludes the animal noises they heard in the jungle were Howler Monkey, which are a native species.

Another good episode under DT’s belt, and next Tuesday can’t get here soon enough.

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