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SyFy Destination Truth 5×03 Recap

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 07/22/2012

Destination Truth Syfy ChannelSyFy Channel Destination Truth Recap 5×03 – Ghosts of Cannibal Village/Kapre

Destination Truth: Ghosts of Cannibal Village

In July 1867, Reverend Thomas Baker visited a remote village in Fiji to convert the natives to Christianity. Being cannibals, however, the villagers murdered and ate the reverend and his seven Fijian followers the next day. The people of Fiji tell Josh and his crew the spirits of Reverend Baker and his followers haunt the village of Nabutautau.

The local Nabutautau Chief tells Josh it was his great-grandfather who killed Reverend Baker. Soon after the murders, three of the Chief’s sons died mysteriously. The current Chief said he believed it was punishment from God for what they had done.

Team Truth then sets out for their nighttime investigation of the site where Reverend Baker and his followers were murdered. The axe used to commit the crimes remains, as a reminder of what happened there. During this EVP session, the axe rolls off its stone pedestal, and falls to the ground.

While reviewing video and audio tapes in Los Angeles, Josh and his team discover something had touched Katy during her isolation session, which explains her shocked reaction and feeling that someone had touched her neck. Considering this plus other evidence, Josh and crew decide paranormal energy is definitely present.

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Destination Truth: The Kapre

In the Philippines, the legend of the Kapre is very real, and very frightening. It is described as a 7-foot tall ape-like monster. A foul-smelling tree dweller, it will attack anything invading its territory.

Team Truth travels to the Aeta Tribal Lands, where the original inhabitants of the Philippines live. Two local men recently experienced run-ins with the Kapre, and tell their tales to Josh.

After nightfall, the team finds abandoned buildings, and a large bed made in the tall grass. They also hear footsteps and moaning.

In Los Angeles, Josh examines the evidence with the help of Mike Dee, former curator of the Los Angeles Zoo. None of the photos or thermal camera footage can definitively answer their questions, so the mystery remains.

Syfy Destination Truth Ghosts of Cannibal Village/Kapre – Clip :


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