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New Trailer for HBO’s The Girl, Starring Sienna Miller

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 09/10/2012

2 Teaser Trailers for HBO's Hitchcock Film 'The GIrl'


Teaser Trailers for HBO’s Hitchcock Film ‘The GIrl,’ Starring Sienna Miller and Toby Jones.


HBO is making two films that will span the film career of Alfred Hitchcock. ‘The Girl,’ stars Sienna Miller as Tippi Hedren and Toby Jones as Alfred Hitchcock. The film will give us an inside look at the¬†relationship between director Alfred Hitchcock and his muse, actress Tippi Hedren.


Tippi Hedren starred in two Hitchcock films, Marnie and the classic smash hit, ‘The Birds.’ Interestingly, The Birds was Tippi Hedren’s film debut. The story goes, Hitchcock lied to her through-out production. He said he’d use mechanical birds on set, but once filming started men with leather gloves slang real birds into Tippi Hedren’s face for five days of production. In one scene a bird clawed her face just below the eye. Cary Grant would later say,¬†”I think you’re the bravest lady I’ve ever met.”


After the incident clawing, she was seen by a doctor and ordered to bed rest, and had nightmares about wings and birds flying into her face for a week, while Hitchcock, scorned her and ordered her to get back on set. She was order a week of bed rest, but Hitchcock wouldn’t have it.


Nevertheless, it was the high point of Tippi Hedren’s career and she even received a Golden Globe Nomination for her role in the film. All these events will be presented in HBO’s ‘The Girl.’ There are two teaser trailers below and they have that HBO movie feel. They don’t look theatrical, but high quality nevertheless. HBO’s ‘The Girl,’ will premiere on October 20th.





HBO’s ‘The Girl’ Teaser Trailers


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