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Teen Wolf, 3×01 Tattoo, First Page Of The Script

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 10/08/2012

Teen Wolf

This is very cool stuff, and I’m note sure where it came from. I got it from Spoiler TV, and it links back to Facebook. It may have been leaked, but my guess is that it’s an actual promotional item. A promotional item that doubles as the actual first page of the Teen Wolf, 3×01 ‘Tattoo,’ script.


Teen Wolf  has exceeded all expectations from a ratings and fan base perspective. It is what I thought it would be on television, I just wasn’t sure how many teens would buy in. Well, a lot have.


The second season of Teen Wolf, while not growing it’s ratings, still managed to hold onto about 98% of its audience. The first season averaged 1.73 million viewers per episode, and the second season averaged 1.70 million. That’s hard to do. Yes, you want to see year-to-year ratings growth, but the next best thing is maintaining your original ratings.


That was enough for MTV to give the third season of Teen Wolf a full 24 episode order. If you watch the show you know the first two season were comprised of only 12 episodes each.



 Teen Wolf, 3×01 ‘Tattoo,’ First Page Of The Script


Teen Wolf, 3x01 'Tattoo,' First Page Of The Script


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