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The Amazing Spider-Man Already Grosses $50.2m in Asia

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 07/01/2012

The Amazing Spider-ManThe official ‘The Amazing Spider-Man‘ budget hasn’t been released yet, but most think the budget is in the neighborhood of $200 million dollars. Seems like a lot of money right? Emm, maybe ten years ago. Well, actually, yes, it is a lot of money, but when it comes to a Marvel Blockbuster featuring one of their most famous Superhero’s, it’s not really considered a lot of money. Not at all.


The Sony reboot, which doesn’t open in North America until Tuesday, July 3, has already grossed $50.2 million dollars in 13 international Asian markets. That is an incredible start. In KOREA the film earned $13.4M on 1,213 screens, capturing a 71% market share. The KW15.8B total for Thursday to Sunday is the 3rd biggest of all time for a Hollywood film, behind only the 2nd and 3rd Transformers films. This is 24% bigger than Spider-Man 3 and 10% more than Avengers.


JAPAN opened with $11.4M on 1,092 screens, pulling in an estimated 84% of the country’s Saturday-Sunday weekend box office.


INDIA grossed $6.0M on 1,236 screens, the biggest opening ever for a Hollywood film, 74% bigger than Spider-Man 3, 73% more than Avengers, and more than double the lifetime box office of The Dark Knight.


The PHILIPPINES bowed with $3.2M on 529 screens, capturing the entire market in its opening weekend. This is the 4th biggest Friday-Sunday opening ever (behind AvengersTransformers 3, and Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 1.)


TAIWAN did $2.9M on 268 screens while taking in 73% of the market’s weekend total. It is the 2nd biggest Fri-Sun weekend of the year (behind Avengers.)


HONG KONG earned $2.7M on 158 screens, pulling in 84% of the total market. This is the 4th biggest Friday-Sunday opening of all time.


SINGAPORE grossed $2.5M on 128 screens, the 3rd biggest Friday-Sunday opening of all time.


THAILAND opened to $1.9M on 320 screens, capturing 81% of the market. 10th biggest Friday-Sunday opening of all time.


VIETNAM grossed $425K on 41 screens, the 6th biggest Friday-Sunday opening of all time (and the 5th biggest Hollywood film.) It surpassed the lifetime box office total of Spider-Man 3.

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In Korea, The Amazing Spider-Man took in more money than The Avengers did in its opening weekend. Just wait until the film opens in North America and Europe, and you’ll get the point I made to start this blog post, $200 million dollars isn’t too much money to spend making a Spider-Man movie. As a matter of fact, it’s a no brainer.


Oh, and for shits and giggles, here is a new ‘ The Amazing Spider-Man‘ Poster, featuring Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man in Rhys Ifans’ The Lizard’s’ green eye. Kind of reminds me of Godzilla.


The Amazing Spider-Man


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