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The Amazing Spider-Man Movie Review; Spidey’s Back w/ a BackPack in IMAX

Written by   // 07/03/2012

The Amazing Spider-Man Movie Review; Spidey's back w/ a Backpack in IMAXOk, so by now, many True Believers know the story; boy gets squashed like a bug by bigger boys in school, then boy gets bit by a radioactive bug. Bigger brains bug out, become bad guys, and attempt to squash bug-boy like school bullies once did, but instead they get beat and badmouthed by brainy bug-boy, who braves badges attempting to bring him in, baddies attempting to bring him down, all while keeping up a better than B average, and his old Aunt May at bay. Oh yeah, there’s also that pesky hero philosophy bequeathed by Uncle Ben, w/ ‘great power comes great responsibility’, blah, blah, blah… ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’, The End!

So that’s it in a nutshell, Brains, Bugs, Battles, & Babes, that’s ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’. The question I’ve been asking myself is, did Spider-Man really need a reboot? And the answer is: But of course!!! Comic book fans are use to this; when the story gets old find a new writer, who liked the original, and let them simply re-imagine, re-mix, or reboot said story; in the hood we say ‘lets keep making this amazing money’. However this reboot, is truly warranted for one reason, and for one reason only; we finally get to swing thru town like our friendly, neighbor-hood, Spider-Man!! And It Is Amazing!!!

The Amazing Spider-Man reboots the story of Peter Parker, by asking the simple question, “What happened to Peter’s Parents?” That simple question leads us down a new path, which allows for a new Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield, who makes us feel his teen spirit), a new Uncle Ben and Aunt May, (Martin Sheen & Sally Field), a sympathetic Flash Thompson (Chris Zylka), a new villain the Lizard/Dr. Conners (Rhys Ifans), and a new love interest, Gwen Stacy, (Emma Stone); True Believers’ will note, Gwen Stacy was actually Peter Parkers girlfriend prior to Mary-Jane Watson (sequel(s) spoiler alert).

The Amazing Spider-Man, excites, delights, and gets all of the little things right; Thanks to Garfield’s acting, we feel Peter’s loss of his parents, and his eventual loss of Uncle Ben (his mentor/father figure), which is tough, on a young man growing up w/ superpowers, so where the film needs darkness, it’s dark. Again Spider-Man, is a teenager, the ultimate anti-authority figure, so where it needs to be campy, and comical, it is. And again, this is a superhero movie so when it needs to be super, it does so swinging!!! And if there is one reason to see The Amazing Spider-Man it’s that, The Amazing Sider-Man swings, and swinging in 3D IMAX is sick!!! Expensive, but sick none the less!!!

Thanks to some amazing camera work, and some costly computer generated effects, we get to swing w/ Spidey, and again, it’s Amazing!!! Awesome aerial shots, throughout the movie, only hint at the climactic scenes that we know are coming; like when Spidey swings through New York City, it’s Spectacular!!! Thanks to a couple of first-person perspective shots, we get to swing with him; and when he has to make across New York, to OsCorp (oh yeah Norman “Green Goblin” Osborn is mentioned quite often (sequel(s) spoiler alert), it is quite literally breathtaking, (like Wu-Tang’s Inspector Deck says on the song ‘protect ya neck’ we’re really ‘swinging thru town like ya neighborhood Spider-Man’); Amazing!!!

And there you have it True Believers; Is The Amazing Spider-Man ‘Dark Knight’ great? Nope. Is it as good as Spider-Man 2? Nope. Will Spider-Man be in the Avengers’ sequel? How in the hell should I know? All I know is, for a summer super-hero comic-book movie featuring one of the most loved comic-book characters of all time (#3 IGN list of top comic heroes of all time), The Amazing Spider-Man, may not be an amazing movie, but it is amazingly redone!!!

…yes Stan Lee makes an Amazing cameo.

…and yes you should stay thru the first set of credits (sequel spoiler alert ☺)


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