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‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ Does It; Crushes Tuesday Record by Grossing $35m!

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 07/03/2012

The Amazing Spider-Man





The Amazing Spider-Man

WEDNESDAY UPDATE: 6:40am; It happened, bullish Box Office observers correctly predicted ‘The Amazing Spider-Man‘s’ Tuesday Haul. The film grossed a Tuesday Opening Day Box Office Record by bringing in $35 million dollars. To get the record, The Amazing Spider-Man outgrossed the 2D release of Transformers [$27.8] back on Tuesday July, 3rd of 2007. ”That is one huge number,” a Sony exec gushed. “Unbelievable start to what should be a very exciting 6 days.”



TUESDAY REPORT: ‘The Amazing Spider-Man‘ looks like it’s on its way to making a (Sorry, I have to do it) AMAZING amount of money. The Sony reboot, has already grossed $50.2 million dollars in 13 international Asian markets. Which is an incredible start. In KOREA the film earned $13.4M alone (More than The Avengers), and now Sony is reporting a $7.5 million dollar haul in Midnight Screenings.


The tally is on par with the last incarnation of the webbed wonder, Spider-Man 3, which went on to break box office records with a $151 million opening weekend back in May 2007.


“We’re right up there with big boys, giving us a great hand-off,” a Sony executive tells Nikki Finke of Deadline. There have been concerns over this rebooted franchise just 10 years after the original because of what rival studos have characterized as flat tracking even though this is Marvel’s most popular character. I think Sony Executives are laughing in the face of those claims now and smoking cigars.


The Amazing Spider-Man


Let me just say, casting was key here. Emma Stone is a star and amiable and very pretty. She has created tons of buzz for this film. She is also great on talk shows and seems willing to be on EVERY one of them. If I’m a producer looking to cast a girl in her mid twenties, I would ask for Emma Stone first — without question. Her relationship with Spider-Man himself, Andrew Garfield, hasn’t hurt either and he is on the verge of becoming a star as well.  Yes, he is famous, but I think he has one more huge role to go before I would call him a bonafide star of the likes of Cruise, Leonardo, or Pitt. He’s not close. Talk to me at the end of his trilogy in six years.



In the women’s lane, becoming a leading lady is much easier, because actresses shelve lives are much shorter. Star actors get 30 years of prime, while star actresses get about 15 — i.e. Faye Dunaway, Meg Ryan, Jamie Lee Curtis, Annette Bening, Sigourney Weaver and many more. They all still work, but none of them could lead a film to a $100m dollar opening and if you adjust for inflation, you will find once upon a time, they all could, and did.  Hey, it’s the culture we live in. Once an actress is over forty, she’s no longer a starlet and options begin to dwindle. There are very few Meryl Streep’s and Julia Roberts in Hollywood — Two woman, who’ve had 30 Plus years at the top of their professions.



I actually think it was Emma Stone’s role in The Help that pushed her over the edge into stardom. Now my mother knows who she is, and my mothers always a good star barometer for me because she doesn’t pay that much attention to film. If I asked her who Andrew Garfield was, she would shrug and take a guess and probably say ‘oh yea,’ when I mentioned that he was the new Spider-Man.






But back to the money. THR is now reporting that the film is expected to gross upwards of $27 million dollars on Tuesday — That’s before the 4th of July folks. Pamela McClintock of THR writes, ‘Bullish box office obsevers believe the reboot — starring Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone – could even earn in the low-$30 million range for the day based on early returns.’


Holy Sh*t! That would mean that ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ could open to $120 to $140 million dollars, domestically. That would put this film in the company of Iron Man 2, Twilight and the latest Star Trek. Stay tune, I’m predicting fireworks (Had to do that one too).



‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ Trailer



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