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The Americans 2×06 “Behind the Red Door” Promo

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 04/07/2014

Elizabeth and Phillip undercover

The Americans 2×06 “Behind the Red Door” Promo


This week’s promo for The Americans keeps the stakes elevating. Phillip and Elizabeth receive a crucial assignment from their new handler, to assassinate a “Field Commander” in pursuit of the people responsible for taking out KGB operatives.


We also see Stan getting mixed up with Russian official Oleg Burov, who has shown vague signs of an agenda up to this point, but is seemingly looking to make things difficult for Stan and his relationship with Nina. Stan’s former boss, Frank Gaad, makes an appearance and questions how far Stan might be willing to go with his operation.


Based on the tone of Claudia, we can assume that this mission will be another daunting one for Phillip and Elizabeth. Their jobs aren’t just about completing the task anymore, it’s become about protecting themselves and their family.


The Americans 2×06 “Behind the Red Door” Promo


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