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The Babymakers Review

Written by   // 08/06/2012

The Babymakers 2012 Movie Review, Directed by Jay ChandrasekharThe Babymakers Review

Jay Chandrasekhar (Super Troopers, Beerfest) is back at it again in another comedy classic “The Babymakers,” alongside his motley crew, the Broken Lizard Comedy Team (BLCT). The BLCT appears in various roles throughout the “The Babymakers.”

The Babymakers“ stars Olivia Munn as Audrey and Paul Scheider as Tommy, a couple who three years into their relationship make the choice to have a kid. After many unsuccesful attempts Paul recalls a past that may help him. He donated his sperm to a clinic to earn the money to buy Audrey’s wedding ring, and now with the help of The Broken lizard Comedy Team he’s off to steal back what’s his, and the chaos insues.

To complicate the situation Audrey’s ex is sniffing around. Tommy is also forced to deal with unapproving in-laws, as well as the pictures of the ex that continue to haunt him.

Jay Chandrasekhar’s ode to Soderbergh ala Oceans with the robbery plan sequence was especially enjoyable for me. We are able to witness the continued work and progression in this robbery sequence. I also liked seeing the relatively new traditon set by Tarantino for directors to appear in their own films.

As soon as Kevin Heffernan (Super Troopers, Club Dread) as Wade came onscreen I was in for the long haul. ” The Babymakers” also offers a few features of past favorites like Aisha Tyler, Wood Harris (Above the Rim, Remember the Titans) and Nat Faxon (Club Dread) in supporting roles.

Although the film starts slow and is sometimes predictable, it still delivers the laughs as Super Troopers did. It’s quick and witty dialouge on sensitive issues is effortlessy delivered with a straight face.

If you liked Club Dread, Supertroopers, Beerfest and all other Jay Chandrasekhar debauchery then I suggest you  take  98 minutes and enjoy “The Babymakers.”


The Babymakers (Comedy)

Directed by: @jaychandrasekhar

Written by: Peter Gaulke,Gerry Swallow

Millenium Entertainment

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