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The BET Awards ’12: Samuel L. Jackson is the Coolest Cat in the Room

Written by   // 07/02/2012

The BET Awards; Samuel L. Jackson is the Coolest Cat in the RoomSamuel L. Jackson is the coolest muthafu*&^@ in Hollywood; Period!!! Who else could skewer rappers in one moment, and show love for Hip-Hop in one performance??? Samuel L. Jackson that’s who!!! Sho-Nuff!!!!

Samuel L. Jackson hosted the 2012 BET Awards and seemed to have a ball while doing so. From performing a “Ball so Hard” remix of ‘Negroes in Paris’ (a parody of the Jay-Z/Kanye West hit ‘Ni**** in Paris) w/ Spike Lee aka Mr. Mookie; to stealing the show from Comedian Kevin Hart in the sketch ‘The Real Husbands Of Hollywood’; which featured Mr. Jackson stealing the BBQ away from Kevin, while imposing his own unasked for advice onto everyone, about everything, because you know he is Samuel L. Jackson of course, star of every top ten movie on the list. Sho-Nuff!!!

The rest of the BET 2012 Awards was pretty standard award show fare, Usher featured his falsetto, Kanye West featured his Freestylin’, Nicki Minaj featured her assets, and every rapper featured 2-Chains. D’Angelo returned to the public eye and gave his best Sly Stone impersonation, and Jay-Z interrupted Kanye West during an acceptance speech; Sho-Nuff!!!

The Whitney Houston tribute (which of course BET had betta had) was highlighted by the performances of Cissy Houston (Whitney Houston’s mother), Chaka Kahn, and Brandy (if there is a bio-pic being made she IT); Sho-Nuff!!!!

The coolest performance of the BET 2012 Awards show hands down was Frankie Beverly and Maze, recipients of the Lifetime Achievement Award, who stated simply Do U, then proceeded to turned the party out like only Maze can. And let me say, if you do not know who Maze is Featuring Frankie Beverly, then do yourself a favor and Google them, now!!! Sho-Nuff Cool!!! Back yard Cool!!!

To be guaranteed Samuel L. Jackson knows who they are, and he is the epitome of cool, muthafu%$$#@!!! Sho-NUFF!!!


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