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The Big Bang Theory Comic Con Panel

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 07/15/2012

The Big Bang Theory Comic Con Panel #SDCC‘The Big Bang Theory 2012 San Diego Comic Con Panel With Cast and Crew

Adam Savage co-host moderated the panel, and described ’The Big Bang Theory’ as, “a show that celebrates being intelligent.”

Big Bang Theory 2012 Comic-Con Panel Excerpts

The first question of the panel was a Quick Fire Question – The cast and crew was asked, “What’s a highlight for you this season?”

The responses from the cast and crew are as follows:

Chuck Lorre – “The highlight would have to be the last scene of the last episode where everybody was watching as Wolowitz blasts off for space, and they held hands with each other. That was a moment that transcended what we anticipated.”

Bill Prady – “Mine happened not on screen, but I was in Chuck’s Office… and Chuck’s assistant said Leonard Nimoy’s on the phone for you.”Stephen Hawking The Big Bang Theory CBS

Steve Molaro – “Getting to shake Stephen Hawking’s hand, and learning that they actually let you do that.”

Mayim Bialik – “I’d say Stephen Hawking was pretty amazing, personally. But, in terms of our show, when Sheldon took Amy’s hand that was really special.”

Jim Parsons – Live from NY via satellite – “I would just say I kind of agree with Mayim, but I really liked the exploration of the Amy and Sheldon relationship. That was very fun to see where that is going… as slowly as it may be.”

Kaley Cuoco –“It was the last scene of the last episode … when we all were clasping hands. It had so many different meanings.”

Kunal Nayyar – “I also cried in the last moment.”

Simon Helberg – “For me, it was probably doing an impression of Stephen Hawking in front of Stephen Hawking… and just the sheer fact that he didn’t run me over after.”

Melissa Rauch – “Honestly it’s that last moment for me as well, but then also when Howard went into the space training.”


 The Big Bang Theory Comic Con Panel :


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