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The Big Bang Theory, Love Is In the Air

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 03/28/2013

The Big Bang Theory, Love Is In the AirThe Big Bang Theory, Love Is In the Air




This The Big Bang Theory scoop is from Team WWK at Eonline on March 28th, 2013.



Claire: Never enough Big Bang Theory info from you guys! If I ask nicely, will you give me spoilers?

All it takes is a simple “please.” So we will wait for that….We assume you just said “please,” so we’ll give up the scoop.  Love is definitely in the air on The Big Bang Theory, and with someone you’d least expect: Raj! “He’s always been the third wheel in his friends’ relationships, so it’s really good to see him get a real love interest [with Lucy],” Kunal Nayyar tells us. And speaking of things heating up, Jim Parsons revealed that things between Sheldon and Amy will move along nicely, but only to a certain point. “I enjoy the status quo, but I think what’s happening is they are getting more and more attached to each other.” Unfortunately, the only chance of those two ending up in bed, according to him, is if the show makes it to season 10—which is actually very likely.


The Big Bang Theory returns with episode 6×20 The Tenure Turbulence on Thursday Apr. 4th, 2013 8/7c on CBS.


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