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The Big Bang Theory, Raj and Lucy Look Ahead Scoop

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 03/14/2013

The Big Bang TheoryThe Big Bang Theory: Scoop on the future of Raj’s career and the future of his relationship with Lucy from Entertainment Weekly’s Sandra Gonzalez



Here’s some scoop on The Big Bang Theory from Entertainment Weekly’s Sandra Gonzalez’s The Spoiler Room column, which was posted on 3/13/13.




There’s a battle brewing on The Big Bang Theory.


While talking to Kunal Nayyar about Big Bang‘s upcoming panel at Paleyfest (more on that later today), we had a chance to chat about an upcoming episode in which the guys find themselves competing for a tenured spot at the university. And as he teases, things get intense. “We just filmed something where the guys battle for tenure. A tenure position opens up and all the guys — except Howard because he’s not a PhD — gear up to try to get that position. It’s a lot of fun,” he says. But do things get vicious? “It’s always vicious between these guys, isn’t it?” he jokes. “But it’s layered with love! Hilarity will ensue.”


Speaking of love, after a successful — and completely adorable text date — with Lucy (Kate Micucci), Nayyar says he’s not sure where their romance is headed. (The cast is just finishing up a week of vacation from filming.) “It’s nice to see Raj get a shot at love because I see everyone in the group has grown in that fashion and Raj has sort of been the odd man out in those circumstances,” he says. “He has pretty low self-esteem, especially when it comes to women. He doesn’t see things going well for him because things have predominantly gone so poorly. So it’s nice to see someone who he can connect with on the issues of social anxiety. Now he’s met someone who is as socially inept as he is and I think it levels the playing field for them.”


Do you all hope those two go the distance? And who do you think is going to get tenure? Sound off below!


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