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The Big Bang Theory, Season 6, Penny, Amy and Sheldon Scoop

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 09/26/2012

The Big Bang Theory Season 6 ScoopThe Big Bang Theory: Penny, Amy and Sheldon related scoop on season 6



Here’s some scoop on The Big Bang Theory from this week’s (Posted on 9/25/12) Ask Ausiello column.



Question: I saw that TVLine was quoted in an ABC commercial for Last Resort! As a reward for noticing and being excited, can you please give me some Big Bang Theory scoop? —Violet 

Ausiello: Not only did you see it, but you were excited about it — and that’s why you’re getting this next scoop: Mayim Bialik reveals that there’s some “really, really funny Amy/Penny stuff” coming up, adding, “I don’t want to give away too much, but there’s an Amy-and-Penny-spying scene, where we’re spying on someone that I want to spy on, and I’m bringing her along with everything we need.” The CBS smash is also readying a Halloween episode that revolves a big party. “I think the notion of Amy and Sheldon in matching costumes is all that needs to be said,” previews the Emmy-nominated actress with a laugh. “It’s a ridiculous idea, it doesn’t really work out the way that it should — and that’s also funny — and it’s just sweet. There’s some really sweet stuff with me and Jim [Parsons].”



The Big Bang Theory is finally back tomorrow. Episode 6×01, ‘The Date Night Variable,’ returns Thursday  September 27,2012 at 8pm on CBS. In episode, with his friends on dates, Raj must face his loneliness. Also, Wolowitz is caught in an argument between Bernadette and his mom, even while he’s in space.


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