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The Big Bang Theory Valentines Day Engagement Spoilers

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 02/13/2013

The Big Bang TheoryThe Big Bang Theory Valentines Day Engagement Spoilers




Here’s the latest Scoop on The Big Bang Theory from Natalie Abrams of TV Guide’s Mega Buzz on February 12th, 2013.



It’s been a while since you offered up any The Big Bang Theory scoop. What’s up? — Barney

NATALIE: Surprisingly, each of our favorite nerds will actually have a date for Valentine’s Day — even Raj! But it’s Leonard and Penny’s night out — which hits a rough patch when she witnesses her ex getting engaged — that will really make your heart swell after Leonard makes a proposal of his own. (No, not like all those other times.)



The Big Bang Theory returns to CBS on Thursday, February 14th, 2013 with episode 6×16, ‘The Tangible Affection Proof’ at 8:/7: Central.


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