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The Dark Knight Rises’ Advanced Ticket Sales TV-Spot

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 06/05/2012

Dark Knight RisesHere’s the sixth TV-Spot from ‘The Dark Knight Rises.’ This comes courtesy of the film’s Facebook page. Warner Brothers released it in anticipation for advanced ticket sales going on sale on Monday, June 11th. The 30 second spot features Morgan Freeman, Christian Bale, and that powerful drum course.


The film hits theaters and IMAX, July 20th. The Warners and Legendary Pictures epic is the conclusion of Christopher Nolan’s Bateman trilogy.


The Dark Knight Rises is the only film that has a chance of challenging The Avengers this summer. But I wouldn’t hold your breath. The Avengers became the third highest grossing film of all time earlier last week. Only James Cameron and his two films Titanic and Avatar, have ever made more money world wide.


The Dark Knight Rises real competition is it’s self. Can The Dark Knight Rises finish 12th all time in from of ‘The Dark Knight?’ In 2008, The Dark Knight made, $1,001,921,825 billion dollars. ┬áIn my mind, that’s the bellwether for this film.




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