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The Dark Knight Rises Made $30.6m in Midnight Screenings

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 07/20/2012

The Dark Knight RisesThis is a bitter-bitter report, I think its safe to leave out the sweet under the current circumstances. But, its my duty to report that The Dark Knight Rises made an estimated $30.6 million dollars in midnight screenings.


That $27 million dollars surpassed The Avengers midnight screening that took in $18.4 million dollars. It didn’t break the record however. That honor is held by Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2, which brought in $43.5 million dollars in midnight earnings.


Again, I want to send out preyers and well wishes to the people and families who were victimized early this morning in Aurora, Colorado. What an unspeakable tragedy it was. We can only hope they no ones else looses their life while in the ICU in Denver.


On Monday I may write about how this tragedy has effected The Dark Knight Rises Box Office earnings, but I think it’s to early for that now. Money and Box Office returns are rendered meaningless in the face of innocent life lost..


However, as I wrote early this morning, America is a strong nation and I hope this lone psychopath will not deter anyone from going to see  what is a fantastic film. That is what terrorists want, both domestic and foreign. We can’t let those who want to bring fear into our society win. We must all stand up for those that have been lost to this horrific ordeal and keep on living our lives. I don’t believe one bad apple can spoil the bunch. We are better than that.


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