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The Dark Knight Rises Review

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 07/20/2012

Dark Knight RisesThe Dark Knight Rises Review

Bane was everything physically intimidating and psychologically cruel. . . it was a very very impressive role for Tom Hardy to play.

The idea of a good movie is different for many people. The Dark Knight Rises was beyond good to me. As per my usual style I will not give spoilers. I will just give my initial reaction and thoughts to the movie.

First, GO SEE IT! I have been out of The Dark Knight Rises for about 25 minutes at this point and I can honestly say that my mind is still flooded and at a loss for the best way to convey what this movie was.

Initially what I want to convey is that without a doubt Tom Hardy scared me. I mean literally and figuratively. I sat with my hands clasped in front of my face for the majority of the movie. He played Bane amazingly well. Though it may not be the popular opinion I was more scared of him then I ever was the Joker. Bane was just everything physically intimidating and psychologically cruel. I mean it was a very very impressive role for Tom Hardy to play.

Christian Bale of course did not disappoint. Who would ever expect that to happen? He may be a lot of things that people do not like but when it comes to his acting ability he is just marvelous. Christian Bale is the Dark Knight. When people look back on the men that portrayed Batman/Bruce Wayne I really think that his is by far the best. Hands down no questions asked he will be my Dark Knight forever.The Dark Knight Rises Review

The suspense in the Dark Knight Rises is something that I was not expecting to experience. I figured that there would be some but to literally feel on the verge of panic attack most of the time was something that I most certainly did not expect. Welcomed it was but, it was a welcomed pleasant surprise.

The cast of The Dark Knight Rises in all was amazing. Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Anne Hathaway, Micheal Cain, Gary Oldman, Morgan Freeman, and the list could go on was very spectacular. I will be the first to admit that I was rather surprised at the thought of Anne Hathaway as Batgirl. Actually I was to be completely honest rather disappointed. I was wrong very very wrong in this case. Even though I feel that she was the least believable in the role I think that it was fairly well played on her part.

I was once told that I should talk more about audio, video, screenplay, and plot story. I have so much that I could say about all of these things but I just do not want to be the spoiler for anyone. I avoided as is my usual routine for these kinds of movies all trailers prior. I wanted to go in with a clean slate so to speak. I can not as a movie lover type something that could ruin it for someone else. That being said, The Dark Knight Rises was phenomenal. I laughed, I cried, I actually cried more than I thought I would. I can not give a grade but I will say this for sure I will definitely be going to see The Dark Knight Rises again at the theater very soon. Yes it was that good.

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