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The Debut Trailer & Poster for Joel Kinnaman’s, Easy Money

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 06/25/2012

Joel Kinnaman



The Weinstein Company has released a nice new trailer today. Look, you know I think Joel Kinnaman is one actor on the rise. So, as we wait for him to break out as RoboCop, we can get some early Joel Kinnaman in the Daniel Espinosa directed film, ‘Easy Money.’


Easy Money is based on the international best-selling novel “Snabba Cash” by Jens Lapidus. Lower-class business student JW (Kinnaman) falls in love with a sexy heiress while living a double life mingling with Stockholm’s wealthy elite. To keep up the façade of his lifestyle, he’s lured into a world of crime. Jorge is a petty fugitive on the run from both the police and Serbian mafia. He hopes that brokering a massive cocaine deal will allow him to escape for good. Mafia enforcer Mrado is on the hunt for Jorge, but his efforts are complicated when he’s unexpectedly saddled with caring for his young daughter. As JW’s journey ventures deeper into the dark world of organized crime, the fate of all three men becomes entangled and ends with a dramatic struggle for life and death.


Sounds ruthless. Sound perfect for Joel Kinnaman. The film also stars Matias Padin Varela,Dragomir Mrsic, Lisa Henni, Mahmut Suvakci, Jones Danko, Lea Stojanov, Dejan Cukic. Easy Money comes to theaters July 11th, 2012. The film was produced by Martin Scorsese. Look! His name is even on the poster. That’s one way to see a film.


Joel Kinnaman



 ’Easy Money’ Trailer





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