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The Early Buzz On Some Brand New Shows!

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 06/21/2013

The Early Buzz On Some Brand New Shows!

The Early Buzz On Some Brand New Shows!



Here’s the latest Buzz on some brand new shows  from The Spoiler Room At EW Online by Sandra Gonzalez June 21st, 2013.




Hey Sandra. Glad you’re back. This isn’t a spoiler question, but I was wondering if you’ve heard any early buzz on new shows. Any faves? We have very similar tastes! (HIMYM, Castle, Supernatural…) — Dianela

I’ll give you two of my fave new shows in three different categories: Of the comedies I’ve seen, I found many giggles in The Crazy Ones and Brooklyn Nine-Nine. In the Sandra-can’t-stop-watching-the-CW aisle of my TV line-up, I liked Reign and Star-Crossed. And on the Yes, I like cop shows front, I see promise in The Bridge on FX (debuting this summer) and Almost Human,which bows midseason. More info on all of these to come, but thanks for asking. It makes me feel important. (I’m not.)


Catch the early buzz on some brand new shows from E!Online’s Sandra Gonzalez.


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