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The First Images of Naomi Watts as Princess Diana in ‘Caught in Flight’

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 07/02/2012

Princess Diana


Hello Diana. When I first heard a theatrical Princess Diana Bio-Pic was in the making and would star Jessica Chastain, I remember being very intrigued. Then I heard she pulled out because of scheduling conflicts, and Naomi Watts, the original runner-up for the part actually got the role, and I was less intrigued.


Now that I see the first image of Naomi Watts as princess Diana, in Oliver Hirschbiegel’s, ‘Caught in Flight,’ I am intrigued again. I can’t deny the resemblance. Naomi Watts just might be able to pull this off, and look like Diana while doing it. I have long argued that catching the mannerisms and soul of a real person in a biopic is more important than the look, but when it comes to the most photographed woman of the 20th century, looks are pretty damn important.


The film will reportedly portray the Princess “As a damaged person who stalks the doctor after he ends the affair.” But that may be rumor, coming from so many who opposed the making of this film from the start. If the film truly portrays Princess Di as a stalker, tons of people with fond memories of her will refuse to go see it. And don’t kid yourself, Princess Diana still has stanch supporters the world wide. The woman was truly loved by the public and for good reason — She gave her life to it. She didn’t have a choice.


What we do know, is that the film is directed by Oliver Hirschbiegel and written by Steven Jeffreys (“The Libertine“), the film will focus on Diana’s affair with Dr. Hasnat Kahn (played by “Lost” star Naveen Andrews) that lasted from 1995 until a few months before her death in 1997. He was regarded by many to be the love of her life, and she was said to be devastated when the relationship was over, with some speculating that she dated Dodi Fayed in order to make him jealous. We will have to wait for more details than that. The project, like most controversial projects, is being kept under wraps for now.


Photos of Naomi Watts as Princess Diana:



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