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The Following, Claire in Enemy Territory Scoop From Natalie Zea

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 03/27/2013

The Following on FOXThe Following, Claire in Enemy Territory Scoop From Natalie Zea


Here’s some New The Following Scoop From Sandra Gonzalez’s The Spoiler Room, March 27th, 2013 Post on



Let’s admit it: When Clarie got into the car with Joe Carroll’s goons at the end of Monday’s The Following, you threw something at the TV. Right?

Well, from what Natalie Zea tells us, Claire’s crazy move will actually launch us into a phase she calls “New Claire.” Now that she’s heading into enemy territory, Claire is going to have to play Joe’s game, and she knows that. But don’t expect her game plan to include biting her tongue. “She’s not afraid to tell [Joe’s followers] that they’re crazy,” says Zea.

Also, Zea said viewers can expect the long-awaited confrontation between her and the son-stealing Emma sooner rather than later. “It gets real,” she previews. (Hopefully, “real” = Claire goes all mama bear on Emma and rips her a new one.)

And as you might guess, yes, there will be a reunion with Joe, which is “tumultuous,” she says.


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