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Future of Schmidt & Cece From New Girls Hannah Simone

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 01/21/2014

new girl

The Future of of Schmidt and Cece From New Girls Hannah Simone

Here’s the latest New Girl spoiler from TVline’s Matt Web Mitovich. This is from Matt’s Inside Line from January 16th, 2013.


When will we see more Schmidt/Cece action on New Girl? –Andy

Apparently not any time too soon. Hannah Simone of New Girl came up empty on that scoop front when I saw her at Fox’s TCA soiree. Instead, she offered up this preview: “A great episode is coming up where Nick can’t be at the bar, so Cece has to work with the manager, played by Ben Falcone, and that is really funny, because he’s a little tough on her! All while Cece is trying to do her best at a job she’s not very good at.”



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