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The Genius Of Meta TV

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 05/31/2012

Meta TV ShowsThe Genius Of Meta TV; Why do the reality series seem to survive while nobody seems to recognize the genius of Meta TV and Film?

- Written By Zulema Payan




Meta style movies, books, and shows don’t quite receive the recognition they deserve. I repeat the sentence in my head, again. I continue to argue that perhaps people don’t understand Meta and ignore it. Maybe Meta doesn’t grasp on them like McDonald’s burgers do. They don’t think, “I’m lovin it”. “Cancel it”, is the result of something that isn’t an understanding entertainment. By firing Dan Harmon, you aren’t killing Meta. Meta is here and it’s there. Ah found it. It’s now everywhere. Excuse me while I switch pens…That isn’t funny, the writer thinks as she writes. Backspace. Computer responds with a blank stare. Type, keep typing I tell myself. So I do. Wait. That might be kind of funny.

Being born in a world where history repeats itself. With no acknowledgement of, true genius writers and show creators. Unfortunately we are left with Keeping up with the Kardashians. Bob Greenblatt can now feast on his yummy cookies. While fans of Community mourn Harmon’s firing, I patiently wait for a respectful justice. Showbiz can feed off its lies covered in carbs. Bah-Gel’s are a pretty big deal down there. Then complain about its excess weight. Instead of fixing it by repeating history, they downsize.  Other great cult shows like Arrested Development and Better off Ted have experienced similar cancellations. Networks blame ratings and overlook the writing, especially the acting.

Us, the viewers relate to these characters more than the real people in our lives.  We wait every week for an episode that makes us feel real. In a reality that isn’t always Meta. A reality we breathe  is a reality with Meta. We might not have Abed’s -Dream -A-Torium to escape to. What we have is simple. It’s true American entertainment that gets us going. Genuine people make for great world leaders. Leaders who make a difference. Even if it means being fired only to have your work recognized as the greatest. Pardon me as I get high off my own drama.


Community Is The Perfect Example Of Great Meta TV:




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