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The Good Wife, Season 5 Relationship Scoop

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 07/31/2013

the_good_wife-showThe Good Wife: Scoop on the future of Diane and McVeigh’s relationship and more on season 5 from TVLine’s Michael Ausiello



Here’s some scoop on The Good Wife from this week’s (Posted on 7/30/13) Ask Ausiello column.



Question: Any scoop on the upcoming plot lines involving returning The Good Wife guests America Ferrera and Gary Cole? —Beth

Ausiello: Cole’s McVeigh and Christine Baranski’s Diane are “still on the brink of getting married,” reveals exec producer Robert King. “So we’ll see if Diane will sacrifice [that relationship] for the judgeship or go with him.” Ferrera’s Natalie, meanwhile, “brings a case to Alicia’s law firm about immigration, and who should cross paths with her but [former crush] Eli. So all these feelings are brought up again and we see a re-sparked relationship. There was a lot of chemistry there. And we never felt like we explored it to its fullest because we couldn’t get America for more than three episodes; we’re going to try to return to that now.”


Question: Is The Good Wife really naming Ben Rappaort’s character Carey? Even with the extra “e” I have to imagine there will be plenty of confusion. —Michelle

Ausiello: Turns out, that’s the point. “That confusion helps us on one or two plot points,” notes King of Rappaport’s “Carey with an ey” and Matt Czuchry’s Cary.  ”The very fact that they have the same name and they’re young men adds an [interesting] dynamic between them and Alicia [at Florrick Agos & Associates*]. Triangles are difficult, because there’s always a power between two people and someone is left out. So who’s going to be the person left out?”


* confirmed name of new firm


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